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How To Create Product Appeal By Focusing On Customers Benefits

Apr 18, 2008
When it comes to selling any item from vitamins to cosmetics, it's not truly about the product itself, but it is instead about what the particular product can do for the customer. Will the product make life easier or more enjoyable? Will the use of the product allow a customer to gain something emotional such as a sense of pride, beauty or happiness?

Think over your product and ask these questions about it. For example if you are selling a travel package, you'll be able to say this product allows you to fill a desire to travel. It allows you to gain global perspective as you relax and refresh yourself. The benefit is to the customer not the product, company or sales representative. This will draw in your customer.

You will next have to prove to your customer why the product you are offering is better than a similar product of a lesser price. If you can prove that the quality of your item makes up for the higher price, you will win the sale. Consider the numerous mineral based make up companies popping up in stores and online. Know the facts about your product.

In the area of mineral make up, its all natural, its healthy for the skin, it provides a more complete effect to professional attire and can increase your self-confidence. Be able to compare your product against at least one competitor by saying our product is slightly higher in prices because the minerals in the product are the purest minerals without any contamination from human hands. If you can justify the price for an item or product the customer will make the purchase.

By following such suggestions your sales techniques will improve and sales will increase, though you will find there is still going to be a handful of customers that will simply refuse to by any product no matter how useful or well priced it may be, etc. The customers who purchase your products will out weight the customers who refuse or are uninterested. A sale is simply about communicating with a customer and informing them on the ways a product can relate to daily needs.

Here are a few tips to assist you increasing your sales success:

* Remove any unnecessary information. Keep your sales pitch simple so that your possible customer understands what your offer is in a short amount of time. Time is precious keeping this in mind.

* Be sure that you have a full understanding of your product. Be prepared to answer any questions about your product including price, materials or other details. Customers will be appreciative and trustworthy because of your complete product knowledge

* Keep the ordering process as easy as possible. Limit the need for any unnecessary paperwork; provide contact information by an email address or business card. If a customer is interested but busy this can help to generate a sale that can be completed later in the day.

* Carry sample products at all times. You don't have to have a trunk full of merchandise, but samples are a really helpful aid in completing a sale.Adding these tips to your usual sales techniques can prove to be a positive move towards increasing your sales and over all profit.
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