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How Much Can A Part Time Work At Home Affiliate Earn?

Apr 18, 2008
This is a very common question from people who are new online or to part time work at home businesses. And the answer is really simple; there is really no limit to how much money a part time affiliate can earn.

There have been reports about sites that are making close to $500,000 per month from the google adsense affiliate program alone. Usually most sites are able to run several different affiliate programs at the same time. The really exciting thing is that quite often what you are talking about in these cases are businesses run by a single individual on a part time basis. Of course this makes them very profitable because there are minimal overhead expenses to think about.

Actually the truth of the matter is that one of the key factors that determines what a part time work at home affiliate business will earn for the owner is their skill in promoting and advertising the part time work at home business. Clearly the more competent and successful they are at this, the more money the small home business will make.

There are various tools and techniques that are usually used. For example we have ppc (Pay per click) ads that are very popular with many small home based entrepreneurs because the advertiser ends up paying only for the hits or click-throughs that arrive at their site. This usually comes when the ads appear besides organic search engine results.

Promotional articles and classified ads are also used increasingly to help generate very targeted traffic. However articles usually require somebody who is sufficiently skilled to make it work for them. Classified ads are a lot easier to use successfully for somebody who is just starting out.

How to recognize a genuine internet business idea

The way to recognize a genuine internet business idea is to test it.

It is absolutely amazing how despite the fact that it is so easy to test and try out ideas online, very few people bother to test their business ideas before plunging into them headfirst.

One of the simplest ways to test ideas is to ask the people directly what they think. It is not too difficult to do an online survey that could save you a lot of grief and wasted resources later.

Yet another way is to use the most powerful research tool ever invented and that is, the blog. The huge advantage with blogs is that it is fairly easy to not only test business ideas but even specifics and tiny details in your business plan. All you have to do is craft your posts accordingly to provoke the comments and views that you will be looking for.

You can even go further and test the waters by actually launching your website and placing it on beta stage. That means that the whole project is not yet fully developed and is still being tested and further developed. Many online enterprises and even big names like Google and Yahoo have successfully launched carious online projects by starting them off in beta stage. It gives you the opportunity to back track and even abandon the whole thing if it does not prove workable because after all you have said clearly from the onset that you are simply testing the waters.

These are just three examples of what you can do to help you recognize a genuine internet business idea.
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