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The Most Profitable Home Based Businesses Do Not Sell Directly From Classified Ads

Apr 18, 2008
There is one little known secret that most profitable home based businesses heavily rely on. It is the proper use of classified ads to quickly build huge opt-in email lists.

This is in sharp contrast to the mistake many home based business owners make of trying to sell directly from their classified advertisements. The very nature of classified ads is that they are too brief for anybody to be able to sell successfully directly from them. Instead these kind of ads are ideal for generating leads. The leads can then be aggressively marketed to with the understanding that they are already interested enough in the product or to information that is related to it to have made an enquiry. This is something that the most profitable home based businesses understand very well.

Some folks use classified ads to advertise for leads whom they then send sales information to or refer to a web page online that sells their product. Others use a more efficient technique. This involves using classified ads to distribute a valuable special report via email. This is the best way to quickly build a huge opt-in email list. Creative ways to advertise constantly to this email list are then put to use and that is exactly how most home based businesses get to be super profitable.

Anybody interested in using this powerful advertising and promotional tool will have to start by identifying where best to place their classified ads. There are a number of both free and paid sources of effective classified ads.

How any business can make you money online?

People are always looking for the best business that is most likely going to make them a bundle online as quickly as possible. So preoccupied are they in finding this one business that they ignore the key fundamental rules that are critical to succeeding in any online venture.

One of the most important rules is finding a marketing system for generating a constant flow of prospects. Without such a system, your online business is doomed to failure and it does not matter how brilliant your business idea is.

Actually this is one of the most common mistakes made people setting up businesses to make money online. They invest a lot of money in establishing their websites and organizing suppliers as well as an efficient accounting system. They actually do everything else except set up a system for marketing the site and getting traffic. Ridiculously after they have build their sites they then hopefully wait for something to happen. Of course nothing happens.

What should in fact happen is that every effort should be made to establish an effective workable marketing system that will generate a steady flow of prospects and paying customers. Everything else can be done after this has been accomplished. Naturally there are various ways of generating prospects for a site including ppc (pay per click) ads with popular search engines, classified ads and search engine optimization techniques. You just need to take your pick based on your personal skills, knowledge and experience or even research on the world wide web.
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