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Are MLM Systems Important?

Apr 18, 2008
Most of us have been through the excitement of starting up a MLM business. The extra income can really make a difference in your life. Once you get down to the nitty gritty details of actually building the business, you realize you still have some important decisions to make.

Since the MLM business is built upon the idea of duplication, you must think about how you will recruit new distributors. A smart MLmer will also develop a means to sell the MLM company's primary product. Most MLMer's overlook the idea of product sales, but many huge organizations have been built on product sales systems alone.

In regard to product sales an example is made here. Suppose you had 100 distributors each purchasing $50 a month. Another organization in the same company has only 30 people, but they average around $300 a month each in product sales. The 1st group moved only $5000 in a month while the 2nd group with only 30 distributors managed to move $9000 in product. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know who made the most money.

Most MLM companies have very poor tools and training for the MLM distributor. You still must have a duplicatable system anyone can use. Your upline probably has many of the tools you need. Autoresponders with preloaded sales messages touting your opportunity are a must. They will probably know where the best lead sources are and have an attractive lead capture page available.

It is not a new thing to use a system to promote your MLM business. Practically every MLM company and line of sponsorship have systems available. What you do with the system is what will make your opportunity the special one everyone wants to get involved with.

I am aware of one MLMer who makes over $1,000,000 a year by addind a personal touch to his email recruiting. He also mails the prospect a postcard and leaves messages on their answering machines to look for more information in the next email. He signs up a much higher percentage of people he prospects, and he teaches his downline to use the same tactics. No wonder he makes so much money!

Since most people are ONLY using the Internet these days, why not consider standing out from the crowd yourself. Also use postcards and the telephone answering machine method. Teach your downline to do what you do, and you will see your downline grow tremendously.

It is cold and impersonal to use a duplicatable system. Adding your own personal touch will nullify all your competition.
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