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Leads For Herbalife Exposed

Apr 18, 2008
There are many quality companies that produce products and provide income opportunities to the public. Herbalife is one of those good companies and to have a business opportunity with them would be a good idea if the company had a good prospecting plan in place. The last thing you want to have happen is that you end up with the sole responsibility of building your business through leads.

When anyone decides to join a MLM or Network Marketing Company they are hoping that they will be able to create additional streams of income. They pour their heart and soul into the new business only to find out that they had to sell the products to others and then also convince people to join their organization.

You can buy several thousand to tens of thousands of leads for a couple of hundred dollars to upwards of thousands of dollars. The new business person resorts to purchasing leads that have been called many times and don't want to hear from someone else about another vitamin or duplicated product. These leads have been pretty much picked over but even if they aren't once you get the lead, you still have to call them and sell them on your business. Think about it! If a lead was so good why would the lead companies sell them for peanuts. The leads that have been purchased are tired and sold over and over again.

I have done it and don't like it! I have heard stories of people being hung up on, cursed at, and had to listen to people tell then that they wish they could get off the list that is being sold. I don't like to call anyone and try to sell them to come into my business. That is why I buy http://itsgoodbusiness.net customers and not leads. I refuse to purchase a lead and call anyone. So when you buy the list you are not getting a quality name but a name that has a history of being sold over and over again to unsuspecting people who are trying to build a business.

I get business proposals that come across my desk all the time from clients wanting me to invest in their business, or to look at it, and give them my feedback. Usually when they want my feedback they are really looking for me to read it and get excited about their business. Most of them are the same old thing, a MLM or Network Marketing opportunity that they have received from an associate that they want me to evaluate and give them my opinion. A lot of times they want me to invest with them. When I look at them I see the same common thread running through each and every one of them. They are opportunities that require massive amounts of buying leads and phone work. When I see this I stay away from these because I don't want to call anyone and try to convince them to join a business that I know will not produce the promises that were made.

Although I read the business proposals out of courtesy I don't recommend them, until I got one that got my attention. This one was different and had a totally unique business model. It was a Nutraceutical Company that had a whole new approach to the MLM and Network Marketing Industry. I looked at the products and saw that they were powerful and promoted wellness. Although many others did too this company was unique in that it promoted Wellness and Wealth together. As I kept reading I saw what really triggered my mind, and made me realize that this is a totally different approach and that no other MLM company had anything like it. I could not find anything like this on the internet except the company proposed in the plan. What was this unique concept, buying customers.

Buy Customers not leads I kept reading and learned that this company has the unique ability to sell direct to the consumer and then once the consumer buys the product they sell it to the Business Affiliate. I crawled the website and read everything that I could trying to find out if I was looking at this in the wrong way. I had never heard about buying customers and so I wasn't sure that I was reading it correctly. I called several people to verify the information and then I talked to a person who had been doing it for a while and they confirmed the information. No phone calls to leads who don't want to be called, all you do is purchase the customer from the company and get the commissions.

You join the above business and I will show you exactly what you need to do to become successful with this business. You see, you must have a business that everyone needs. There really is a secret to successfully promoting a home business on Google, and as you can tell, I am very good at what I do. I will share insider secrets to promoting successfully on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com and all the other major search engines. I will give you specific instructions on exactly how to accomplish what you want to accomplish on the net. I will give you specific instructions on exactly how to accomplish what you want to accomplish on the net. You must learn to develop that business in such a way that people find your information, just like you have found mine. You must realize that in order to make money fast, you must be equipped with the business plan, training and mentoring that will lead to that success. Without this, you are going to be just another sad statistic of the mass of people that just do not understand how to market successfully on the net.

I thought I had heard it all but not this time. I said "This is like an investment." I keep reading and trying to find the flaws but none. So I went to a meeting at http://itsgoodbusiness.net and listened to Tom Prendergast talk about how he has gotten increased results every month for seven years. In other words his check has gone up every month since he started simply by buying customers. Many producers are already looking at this model and planning on leaving their existing companies. But just think you can never lose your customers since they are customers and not someone's downline. This is a new innovation that has been around for almost ten years but as it catches on it will drive the other MLM or Network Marketing Companies wild because they can't compete. It will pull their producers away from them since no one likes to make unnecessary phone calls. This makes your business stable and solid.
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