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Tips for Helping New Small Home Based Business Owners

Aug 17, 2007
No matter if you have a couple or a couple thousand affiliates to train, there are some simple things that you can do to ensure their success, and yours.

1. Make sure they know what they are selling or providing. No matter if it is phone services or health products, make sure that new affiliates and associates know what it is that they will be selling. Take some time to train them in the products or services available and allow ample time for questions. Pictures, brochures, web sites, and any other visual aids are always a great addition to any training session, as it allows the new business owner to actually see what they will be selling to people. Taking the extra time to train them correctly will only ensure that they are successful in their home based business, and that you are successful too.

2. Offer support. From books, ebooks, articles, sales letters, web site information, phone lines, to just about any form of extra information that you can provide to the newest member of your team will also help to ensure that they are successful. Having the access to you and to other forms of help when they have questions is always a great way to keep people around as well. It also helps them to train other new affiliates or associates, thus creating them, and you, more money in the long run. So, be sure that you have ample support tools available to each and every new member that you bring in.

3. Help them rehearse their presentations. After you have trained them on the products they will be selling, and you have given them all the supporting information that you have available to them, now is a great time to go over presentations, questions, and answers. Allow them to rehearse on you, and throw in questions that customers or clients will ask to make sure that they are ready for anything that is thrown at them. The more practice that they have under their belt when they hit the sales market, the better. If they are trained and comfortable, they will make more sales, talk to more people, and bring in more money than if they are not trained and not comfortable with themselves or the products.

4. Other training sessions. After you have sent them out into the world, make sure that you hold other training sessions to keep them in the know about new services, goods, or sales tools that are available. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings or training sessions are a great way to keep your team together and keep them learning. It is also a great way to ensure that you know what is going on out there on the streets and how they are really doing.

While it is never an easy task to train new employees, training new sales associates or affiliates is never easy either. Expect questions about everything, so you should be prepared as well. Make sure that you are available to offer help to anyone that needs it as well. Just following these four simple tips will help you to ensure that you create a winning team who knows what they are doing and knows their products inside and out in their new home based business.
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