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How To Profitably Market And Advertise Any Home Based Business

Apr 18, 2008
Business marketing is everything to your business. It will literally make or break even the next "big idea". One of the main reasons why mostly all independent start up businesses fail is because they either lack some type of resource or do not have enough of it.

Throughout my own experience, "capital" is the number one thing that most start up companies lack. Financial backing is critical. Even though its best to have financial backing of some sort, do not get discouraged. There are plenty of inexpensive ways that you can successfully market your business.

For example, one of the biggest and most important low cost way to market your business is through "word of mouth". Just say that you build websites from scratch and you have a web designing business. Think about all of the people that you come in contact with everyday. Have your business cards handy and pass them out. Also, have some flyers that you can post around locally. Get a spot in your local newspaper. If you do not have a website where you can promote your business online, then I would highly suggest that you get one. If you do not then you are leaving a lot of "untapped" money on the table.

Another important way to market your business is through door panel flyers on the side of your vehicle. Just make sure that you have your contact information highly visible. I have seen this work wonders for many business owners! I am pretty sure that you may know of someone who have recieved a lot of business through having door panel flyers on their vehicles.

How small business turns into big business

A lot of business owners do not realize the type of income producing potential there business truly possess. Some think that the "big fish will always swallow the little fish". This is not always the case. Believe it or not, its the smaller independent companies that are starting to take over the markets.

The bigger companies may have more financial backing but at the same time, they are at a much higher risk of going bankrupt. One of the biggest advantages that the small companies have over the bigger companies is since small companies lack capital, they can build equity completely from scratch. They can exploit unknown opportunities. Being an independent business owner is like "the herve route". You make the business what it is yourself. You also keep 100% of the profits. The bigger companies cannot do this because of the investors that they have to pay back.

Another tip is small businesses on the internet are now starting to compete with some of the leading fortune 500 companies! Small businesses are not only exploiting the opportunities of the internet but they are hiring some of the same business marketers the bigger companies use. Now a days, smaller independent businesses are finding new ways to generate revenues that equal and sometimes exceed the bigger companies.

Most independent business owners will find it hard to believe if they can ever compete with the big fish (bigger fortune 500 companies) but anything is possible if you can learn to seize untapped opportunities. As a smaller business, you have to remember, just because they are bigger with bigger budgets does not mean that they are better with better products or services.
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