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Make Your Private Label Content Selections Your Own

Apr 18, 2008
Many website or blog owners nowadays are taking advantage of the increasing number of private label content membership websites being set up, as the primary source if content for their sites. This trend is slowly gathering steam and helps to explain the sheer number of these membership sites now available. Do a search such as "PLR content sites" or "PLR membership sites" and your search will return tens, if not hundreds of these sites. Their increasing popularity is in no way surprising when you consider the enormous demand that exists for fresh and interesting content, but at an affordable price.

Since most site owners lack the resources to hire dedicated writers to prepare content exclusively for them, they regard these membership sites as the next obvious alternative. Indeed for what they are, they offer excellent value for money. There is of course, one major drawback with obtaining most, if not all of your content thorough these sites. That is duplicate content. While many keep membership to as low as possible to avoid having the same article on weight loss for instance, appearing on hundreds of places on line, they are ultimately not exclusive enough.

Many site owners and would be article marketers fail with these websites because they fail to take a simple, but necessary final step before uploading or submitting the content they obtain. That needless to say, is to alter and personalize the material they obtain, to avoid the problem of duplicate content. Many people find the mere thought of having to sit down and alter, or even rewrite a 600 word article terrifying. They assume one needs a doctorate in English before one can undertake such a task.

This of course is utterly falls. Provided you have an adequate command of the language you are writing in, you should be just fine. Indeed many of the PLR membership sites actively encourage and urge their members not to use the content they obtain as is, but to modify them. They even guide their members on how this should be done. It is as I have found this past year or so, quite easy. Here is how I do it.Firstly, not all PLR content has been written by competent writers. Sometimes an article, or report, or press release contains so many grammatical and spelling mistakes that it is frankly beyond salvage.

Start by first reading what you wish to modify. If it's not good enough, simply discard it. But if it has potential, then simply go through it sentence by sentence and re write as much of it as you can. Believe me when I tell you this is easy, and I mean easy. Let me demonstrate. Let's take the first sentence of this paragraph: "Firstly, not all PLR content has been written by competent writers."

How many other ways are there for me to convey exactly what I wish to get across in this sentence? Well let's see. I could have written: "It would be wrong to assume all the PLR content you obtain would have been competently written." or "Not all writers of such PLR content are as competent as they should be." or "It would be prudent to assume not all readily obtainable PLR content has been competently prepared." I could probably come up with a few more ways of conveying essentially the same point and all done within about a minute. To modify a typical 600 word article in this way should take you about 10-15 minutes.

Modify and submit 2-3 such articles a day, then sit back and await the avalanche of back links that will be heading it the direction of your website. As well as modifying the word and sentence structure you can also add or take away from the piece. If it happens to be on a subject you are particularly knowledgeable about, then why not add to it from your own experience? You can also combine several short articles or pieces into one cohesive piece which can be submitted. You can even take similar articles and cherry pick paragraphs from each to create a new one. In short, altering readily obtained PLR content may seem difficult to begin with, but you will eventually find the rewards fully justify the effort.
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