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Getting The Design Of Your Company Logo Right

Apr 18, 2008
Creating any kind of design is a baffling task since visuals communicate more than a thousand words and can mean different things to different people. However, this aspect of a design makes it more interesting and challenging. Designing a company logo is even more challenging since one needs to keep many aspects in mind before choosing the right one. Though there are some inspired people who try and design their own company logos, most outsource the task to professionals trained in design development.

To design a good company logo many aspects need to be given due consideration. To know what they are lets first understand the basic objective of a company logo. The main objective of the logo is to give a sneak preview about the company to all the stakeholders in the company. These could be employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers or partners. It is the one entity that stands for the entire company and must encompass what the company stands for. N other words it should reflect the companys vision, motto, culture and ethos.

Some of the important aspects that should be kept in mind while designing a company logo are mentioned below.

- Visual / image element - Many people remember things visually and tend to forget words. A company logo should have a more than proportionate share of an image incorporated. However, it is important to ensure that the visual that you use or create should be able to capture the essence of what the organization stands for.

- Noticeable - A good company image should stand out and be noticed above a myriad of stimuli that the public is exposed to today. It should catch the eyes of people who look at it even once. You could make the use of bold colors like red and yellow to ensure that it catches the eye.

- Curiosity - This ensures that your logo is not immediately forgotten right after it has been seen. Curiosity ensures a second glance guaranteeing that it is remembered for longer than any other image.

- Familiar - A company logo should be familiar and should not be too obscure or vague to interpret. People feel comfortable seeing, remembering and interpreting objects that do not seem alien.

- KISS - Keep it simple, stupid! This maxim applies to a company logo more than anything else. Clean, not cluttered images are likely to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the viewer.

- Fitment with the companys goals - Last but not the least a company logo needs to communicate what the company stands for. If the company is a manufacturer of tobacco products, a logo that communicates environmental consciousness is quite a laugh!

So, if you want a logo that is remembered and noticed, make sure it is more visual in nature, is noticeable, induces curiosity, uses familiar images, is simple and fits well with the overall objective. Another essential thing to do is to generate options before closing on the first design that you like. As mentioned earlier, different people decode images in a different manner and it is best to obtain the reaction of a few people before closing on one design.
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