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Considering a Business Cash Advance

Apr 18, 2008
A business cash advance or an unsecured business loan may be a viable option for businesses that may not be well established, or that have had financial difficulties in the past. Sometimes referred to as an unsecured loan, a business cash advance allows businesses that are struggling financially, or that need cash for expansion and growth to get the money they need.

Let's face it, sometimes times are tough, and even well run companies can run into financial difficulties. Unfortunately, those difficulties can make it much harder to get financing for business needs in the future. Banks are not nearly as willing to lend money to businesses that have bad marks on their credit reports.

The good news is, there are companies that are willing to work with businesses that do not have a stellar credit history. These companies specialize in making business cash advances to companies, even if they have been previously turned down by a bank.

This can be especially useful to newer companies that are still experiencing cash flow difficulties that are associated with business startups.. Because these companies have not been around long enough to establish a credit history, banks are more hesitant to give the loan, especially if the company is already highly leveraged. These businesses can work with one of the many companies that offer a business cash advance program to get the funds they need to keep their business afloat during difficult financial times.

For most smaller business cash advances of less than $100,000, the amount of financial information that you will be required to provide is very minimal. Often times all you will need is to provide credit card transaction records for the past several months. Those records will be used to help establish the terms of the cash advance. In order to get the cash advance you will agree to give the lender a certain percentage of your credit card sales until the cash advance has been repaid in full.

The most common types of business cash advance loans are the more traditional "lump sum" cash advance, where the money is transferred to your businesses account in a lump sum, or a line of credit where an account is set up for your business, and money is withdrawn from the fund only when it is needed.

If your business need is for a large amount of cash that is all needed immediately, the traditional loan type cash advance is probably what you need. The disadvantage of this set up is that you will be paying interest on the entire amount of the loan, beginning when the money is transferred to the business account.

A line of credit would be preferable to a business that will have ongoing needs for cash over an extended period of time. Once the line of credit account is set up, the money will be available to be withdrawn in the amounts needed at that time. The remainder of the funds stay in the account until they are needed. The big advantage is that you are only paying interest on the amount that is withdrawn from the account. This can add up to a significant amount of savings over time.

Do not let the fact that your business is new, or that it has had financial difficulties in the past stand in the way of getting the funding you need to keep your business running. Take advantage of a business cash advance, even if your banker says "No."
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