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How To Write A Successful Home Based Business Plan

Apr 18, 2008
Before writing a business plan for a new business, consider these issues. What makes your product or service different and what needs does it fill? Who are your potential customers and what will make them purchase from you? How will you market your product or service? Where will you get the capital to start your business?

Begin with a cover sheet that includes the name, location, and telephone number of the business and the name of the person who wrote the business plan. Use a loose leaf binder to package the plan and to facilitate any revisions.

Keep it as short and crisp as possible. Include a one or two page executive summary with an overview of the most important issues in the plan. Include the business niche, marketing strategies, management strategies and finances. Organize it with a table of contents that shows logically arranged sections and appendices.

Identify your target market in the plan. This is very important. Indicate whether the market is growing, steady or shrinking. Provide extensive details about competitors, including their strengths, weaknesses, and all other estimated market shares. Include your pricing strategy and how you plan on marketing and promoting the business.

Explain the benefits of your product or service to the user or consumer. Describe how it is unique and its appeal to customers. Include information about your business location, current and future space requirements and area demographics. Focus the plan toward the future. Attempt to develop industry trends over the next three to five years.

Highlight current and potential problems and demonstrate how they will be overcome. This will enhance your credibility.

How to strengthen your home based business

Just as you build marketing structures for each new year, it is possible to design profitable small business enterprises as well. As a business owner, sometimes you have to ask yourself, "what can you do that will make your existing or brand new business venture better, healthier and stronger?

Here are a few suggestions you need to take in consideration when attempting to strengthen your home based business:

First you should write or update a business plan.
If you have a business plan, when did you last update it? Are all the main key elements up to date? Has the environment changed? Has the capital changed, etc? It is a must that you update your business plan frequently. This is one of the main things that private investors, companies, and organizations look for when deciding on financing your business. If you don't have a plan, it is time to craft one to properly evaluate your home business goals and map your course toward reaching them.

Take a class or attend a workshop
These can be very effective. It is important that you learn to network and build long lasting relationships with people within your industry. You never know who can help you or you helping them. Also, as a business owner, the business can only go as far as you can take it. Why not consider upgrading your skills or learning new skills? If you can utilize your time and money strategically, it usually will pay big dividends in the long run.

Attending seminars, workshops, and conventions in your industry will also play a big role in the marketing of your business. They offer network opportunities, educational programs, provides members with services and information, and stand for the values that we as business people take very seriously. You will be surprised at the endless of opportunities for additional profits that you never knew existed with attending workshops.
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