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Patience Is Key with Paid Surveys

Apr 19, 2008
One of the easiest ways to get started working from home is by completing paid surveys online. There are numerous market research companies that want consumer opinions and are willing to compensate you for your time. Even though the earnings can add up to a lot of money, it won't happen overnight, and you need to be patient until the surveys start arriving regularly and your awards start to add up.

All you need to get started with paid online surveys is a computer with internet access so people naturally assume they will log in, answer some questions, and get paid. That's a very broad overview of the process and many people get discouraged waiting for their payday.

In reality, you will spend your first hours answering profile questions. These include things such as where do you live, what is your household income, how many children do you have, do you own or rent your home, etc. This is simply a way to categorize you in many different categories so market researchers can find you quickly.

Once your profile is complete, there is no need to ever do it again...for that particular company. If you choose to register with multiple companies, each research company will ask you their own profile questions. This process can be extremely time consuming and boring, so we recommend not doing all your profiles in one day.

After your profile has been accepted, the market research companies will send you an email when a paid survey is available for people fitting your criteria. For example, if a particular product is very high end and marketed to those making six figures, you will not be chosen if your income is less than six figures. This is where those profile questions become important, as a way to sort through survey candidates.

Depending on the size of the company and how many advertisers they serve, some online survey companies may start sending you surveys once a day or it could be once a week. Since frequency is out of your control, it is best to register with multiple survey companies in hopes of meeting different criteria for a number of different advertisers.

Once you start getting offers to complete surveys, it is best to complete the survey quickly. Many paid surveys require a set number of responses and once that number is met, others will be turned away. This is often discouraging to people, especially those who are eager to earn some money or rewards.

After you complete your first paid survey, you will get a notice of your reward. Typically companies award points for each survey that is answered and you will need to earn a certain amount before "cashing in," and this amount varies by company. Some companies will award cash but there is also a minimum amount necessary before seeing a check.

Despite having to answer multiple profile questions, online surveys are a very easy way to earn money and rewards. Just realize before starting that registering is a process but your patience will pay off when you start collecting the rewards that you have earned.
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