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Internet Marketing Online Affiliate Program Newsletter strategy

Apr 19, 2008
When writing a newsletter it is important to remember to get the title right. You have a very limited time to make an impression. That is why it is critical to write a good title so as to entice your readers to open your newsletter.

The title should be included in the subject field of your message. Also, in the subject, add a quick plug to your most interesting story. Doing these things will help your newsletter look attractive enough for people to want to read it. It will also help them filter what is spam and tell apart junk mail.

You may be surprised to know but many people do not read an entire newsletter from top to bottom. A lot of people will scan, so you may want to consider writing shorter paragraphs and separating your information in an organized fashion. When applying this method you can get your readers to follow your recommendations easier.

You can potentially write everything you want to and as long as you separate it right, it might all get read! Another variation of this method is to use bullet points. Along with these two points, the topping on the cake is the spacing. Make sure you include enough white space between your topics.

Topics should be bold, uppercase, or highlighted. Someone might go to scan through your newsletter and if sections are bold enough, something might catch their attention and hook them into reading what you have to say. Topics should be catchy somewhat like your title.

You can capture their attention by writing good catchy titles, and you can set up your headings and sub headings as a table of contents. Put this at the top, this way your reader's can skim the contents and jump to what interests them. This is another beneficial addition to your internet marketing online affiliate program.

Words play an important role in how your newsletter will be greeted, not just by your subscribers but by the spam filters. Example the word "unsubscribe" will get you in trouble, so use another word such as remove to achieve the same objective. Seems strange but spammers use this word and its funny, as its non-functional, since you got spammed in the first place, but because they do it, it raises a red flag, and when this happens your newsletter gets put in the junk mail file. Another word is "Forward" this also raises a flag because of spam chain letters, so you may want to use other words instead, such as share or send.

Try to make your newsletter writing fun. Gather up your tips from previous sources and apply them to your internet marketing online affiliate program, and should be on your way to a noticeable, attractive newsletter.
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