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Are There Real Typing Jobs at Home?

Apr 19, 2008
Typing is one of those skills many people are comfortable that they have. So many jobs require that you know how, and even if you don't do it at work, you may do so at home. It's no wonder that many people look to typing as a way to earn money from home.

It's also why so many scams rely on the people who want to do this kind of work. It's relatively easy to convince people new to working at home that old scams are legitimate.

That's not to say you can't earn money from home typing. My first work at home job was as a medical transcriptionist. But do note that this was a job that required solid training, not something that could be started with zero experience.

Medical transcription, general transcription, even the occasional legitimate data entry position are all ways you can earn money with your typing skills.

But before you start looking for the real jobs, you need to know how to spot the scams.

The first thing a scam is likely to do is make outrageous promises. The ads will proclaim that you can make an astounding amount of money with hardly any effort at all. Often you'll hardly even have to type anything, even though they got your attention as a typing job.

Much of what they'll tell you is deceptive. Many of these opportunities are really going to tell you about pay per click affiliate marketing, which is legitimate, but the learning curve is steep and you may spend a lot of money trying to figure it out. Plus there are more honest companies out there that will tell you upfront what you'd be doing and that you will be spending money. If that's what you want, who would you rather go with?

I prefer the honest approach, myself.

Others will be offering a list of companies that may be hiring typists. However, these lists can be found for free elsewhere, and may be out of date.

And of course, they'll cost money. Sometimes it's to buy an ebook, which may or may not give some solid basic information, other times they are masquerading more deeply as a job, and you need to pay to "show that you are really interested" or some similar "reason".

You can do all kinds of things that take advantage of your typing skills if you need to earn money. If you enjoy writing, try hiring yourself out as an article writer. There are plenty of people on sites such as eLance and Guru looking to hire article writers. The pay may not be that great until you have some references built up, but it's something you can do.

You can even try it on your own. Start a website or blog and start writing. You can earn money from ads. Then again, you might not earn anything, but you might enjoy it for itself, and you can use a website or blog to promote the skills you have.

The thing to remember is that you will have to work at it. The things people trumpet as shortcuts to success often don't work, or work only in the very short term. It's better to find a way to use your skills in a more productive way.
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Stephanie Foster offers resources for people wanting to work at home at http://www.homewiththekids.com/work-at-home/ . Her site also provides a look at many of the most common work at home scams .
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