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Woman-Focused Internet Marketing

Apr 19, 2008
As women are the vast majority of decision-makers on household spending, they are not a demographic to be glossed over. The most recent studies have shown that women's internet use tops that of men's also. An online marketing plan should include ads devised specifically for women. It is also important to cater to the many subsets of women consumers.

Advertising geared toward ever narrowing categories of women means knowing at least how old they are, what level of education they have completed and their average household income. But these are just the basics. Know which types of women are most likely to search for your products, visit your site, and buy what you sell. Are they urban or country, liberal or conservative, active or sedentary?

In the past, it was felt that appealing to a woman's emotions was the key to opening her pocketbook. We now have a more sophisticated understanding of how women choose to spend their money. For instance, a college student with mounting student loans will be looking for inexpensive, trendy, and portable items to fit into her lifestyle.

For example, make it your goal to demonstrate within seconds how her life will be better with your product or service. Internet shopping is done mainly for speed and efficiency. Make sure your website caters to a busy person. A consumer needs to be able to search by various factors and find exactly what she needs without having to scroll through too many pages.

Beyond these standard options, be creative and thorough in testing your website's functionality. The less time she has to spend looking for what she needs, the more likely she is to buy it. Furthermore, if she knows she can rely on your website to be speedy and give her what she wants, she will be more likely to visit again.

None of this may matter, though if you have not priced your goods appropriately. Wile women like to feel as if they are getting a deal, they don't want inferior merchandise or service. Inexpensive does not have to mean shoddy. Your solutions should be marketed with this concept in mind.

Don't forget the power of making one woman's life easier. She is sure to tell every other friend, relative and female co-worker in her life about this wonderful product or service. This type of referral is the cheapest kind of advertising and can spread good, or bad news, even more efficiently than a high-powered marketing campaign.

Women are not a market to be overlooked. A marketing plan devised with women shoppers in mind is more likely to be a successful one. With the goal of maximizing their time, make women feel as though you have helped eliminate some stress. This is the key to repeat business.
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