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Home Business Time Management - Steps For A Happy Business And Family

Apr 19, 2008
In the home based business arena there are two things that we must be mindful of. These are over working and under working. Is over working possible? I'm not talking about meeting deadlines and putting in a few extra hours to add the finishing touches. The over working I refer to is non-productive hours spent without an objective. We've all been there. Working away for hours and at the end of the day when we look back on our efforts we realized how little we actually accomplished. Under working can be a problem as well. This is described by not giving enough attention to areas of our business that could stand some improvement. We will look at over working and how a daily plan along with organization will make for a great work from home experience and include family as well.

Daily Goals and Objectives.

We all know the importance of goals and goal setting, but most of us set goals for our business or for certain aspect of our business. How many of us set goals for the day? Goals that when they are complete we actually feel that we have done something substantial. Many call this a To Do list. What should this list consist of? Well, if you are just starting your business, it should list out the setup processes that need to be done. Examples are setting up bank accounts, email accounts, getting your business plan together, products, and setting up your website. If all of these are completed you are now focused in on advertising and marketing. Once your objectives for marketing have been set, your focus should be on there effectiveness. Set out time everyday to gauge the effects of your marketing and advertising campaigns. Make sure you set aside time every day for your Research and Development (R&D). This helps to open your business to new avenues.

Are You Organized?

A larger part of home based business is organization. Making all aspects of your business work together makes for an environment of peace versus chaos. Work out a filing system that works for you. If most of your transactions are on line, make folders in your email account that relate to subjects such as business expenses, business bills, write-offs, etc. This helps immensely when you need to find something quickly. Physical folders can be made also if your business deals more with order forms. A file cabinet comes in handy. Have a spreadsheet with a running tally of your expenses, bills, etc. You will thank yourself at tax time!

Family Time.

When we are so focused on our task and objectives we sometimes forget why we chose a home based business in the first place. For some activities, its best that you have quiet; but with other activities, a little interaction won't hurt. Figure out what those tasks are and allow that interaction. Also have set times during your day when it's family time. This may be during dinner and an hour or two after that. If your children are school age, what would be better than doing your non attention grabbing task while they are doing there home work. This not only helps with bonding but will also teach your children a lesson in time management.

There really isn't enough space to expand all of these concepts so your imagination will have to fill in the space for your business. However, you can see that with a few adjustments to your home based business you can create an environment in the home that balances your objectives, keeps you organized and allows for family time as well.
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