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Who are the Top Ranked Companies Looking for Secret Shoppers?

Apr 19, 2008
There are so many companies looking for secret shoppers these days, however not all of them are genuine. There are many fraud mystery shopping companies set up that are only out to take your money. That is why it is so important to research a number of different companies in order to find the right one to suit you. With hundreds of companies to choose from, you do not have to rush into anything - you are in control!

The top companies looking for secret shoppers are often the most established. In addition, the top companies looking for secret shoppers are reliable, growing rapidly and looking for top rated candidates to assist them in providing high quality information to their clients through secret shopping. Secret shopping is considered to be an excellent strategy for providing market research to companies, helping them to improve their strategies and ultimately their sales.

The customer's opinion about a company will have a direct correlation to the experience of a product and/or service received. When researching companies looking for secret shoppers, we recommend that you keep your focus on those that have the capability of providing customized shopping services and reporting. This way, you are not getting just are not cookie-cutter results, but actual information pertaining to your business! Additionally, you want to work with a company that hires top quality shoppers, a company that will maintain the highest level of confidentiality.

Take such a company called "Eyes Behind the Bar". The unique approach this company takes is sending in an anonymous shopper to gather information pertaining to the restaurant and bar business. This individual will have a mental list of specific things that need to be checked. For instance, if a bar owner has suspicions that one of the bartenders is serving alcohol to minors, this could cost him or her, the entire business, losing a lifetime of savings and hard work. However, working with companies looking for secret shoppers, this business owner would have covert eyes and ears to confirm the information. Without the results of this shop, the business could be devastated.

If you are searching for one of the best companies looking for mystery shoppers then KSS International may be just what you are looking for. It allows mystery shoppers to make a part time living of around $40-$100 per month and they acquire to only the highest standards. All of their mystery shoppers are screened and they hire only the best shoppers based on honesty and confidentiality.

No matter which role you are participating in with a secret shopping company, you want to choose a reputable one. As you are seeking companies looking for secret shoppers, be sure to ask lots of questions, do proper research and use your gut to select the best company for your specific needs.
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