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Apr 19, 2008
Newbies can be quite successful with the proper guidance. There is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising to achieve this success. Can spending money grow your business faster? Absolutely! But there are many pitfalls in this approach.

You need first of all to learn what works for YOU! Why throw money at strategies that may or may not bring you income and prospects? I think we can all agree that learning on Free advertising methods is a much more prudent approach? Your mistakes result in fewer results, not loss of your hard earned money! Our approach is to become proficient at one Free method at a time. As you work these free methods you will develop an Income Stream. Once you have your Free Strategies in place and working efficiently, You can start using the income from these Free ads and your ever growing knowledge to effectively use Your advertising Dollars.

There are many Free Advertising opportunities on the Internet. From Craigs List to Ezines it would take years to exploit all of these Free or very low cost methods. I believe it is So much more productive to concentrate on a few of these opportunities and become very good at them. This will bring you an ever growing income that will allow You to branch out into other areas of advertising if you like.

One thing I have learned is You must Track all of your advertising! This allows you to improve your skills and concentrate on the methods or ads that get you the most Qualified Results. What do I mean Qualified Results? By tracking your ads you can see that ad A brought you 2500 visitors or clicks to your site. Ad B brught you 1200 clicks. Should you double your efforts on ad A? Lets take a moment and look a bit deeper. Ad A got 2500 clicks but only 50 opt in leads and 4 sales. Ad B got 1200 clicks and 62 opt in leads and 11 sales! Which would spend your time on? The answer is obvious! Ad B of course. If you did not track your ads you would know which were out performing others. It is all about Leveraging your time and resources. When You are ready to pay to advertise You will know what type of ads work well and which do not. This can save you a pile of money! This cost Me over $7000,00 to learn, an expensive education.

With these methods You can consistently build your business and find your income goals becoming reality. The real key is to learn from a proper source. Not just a company or business but from someone who will take the time to ensure your success. How do you find the right opportunity or person? Communication is the key. When you email or talk to this person, you need to decide are they going to be my mentor or are they just hungry to make a sale. You can easily tell. Do they want to answer your questions or just promote their web site or business? Are their emails canned or do they seem personal, Written to just you?

I wish you all the best in your endeavors. To the Top and Beyond!

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Bobby Winchell is an Internet Marketing Mentor and Couch and is an accomplished Businessman with 35 years of Marketing Experience. If you are ready to start Your own Internet Business or want more Free information, follow the link below. http://bobbywinchell.getnetmlmprofits.com/profits/?mad=495
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