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How To Earn A 6 Figure Income In Personal Training

Apr 19, 2008
With 70 million baby boomers, personal fitness training is a good profession to be in. Boomers want a better quality of life which puts their health and exercise at the top of their list. They have discretionary income and will be looking to fitness professionals for help.

Personal trainers have the potential to earn a very good salary, but many of them struggle to attain clients and retain them which directly affects their earning potential.

A huge demographic for personal trainers is golfers.

Golfers are educated, earn a high salary and have discretionary income, which is the perfect scenario for fitness professionals.

Also, golfers are use to paying for services. Many if not all of them have paid for a golf instructor, and these instructors charge roughly the same as trainers, so the "sell" is not near as hard.

Golfers are also a "hungry" market! They are desperate to play better. Fitness can be a quick solution for many senior golfers who have declining physical capabilities. Trainers can capitalize on this during the interview process.

Golfers have many playing partners and buddies. Do a good job with the first one and you'll have them lined up... all wanting your new golf fitness personal training services. This is a dream for any trainer! A built in referral system that can double or triple your earning potential. Since it's a "specialty" you can also charge more per session. Find out what the golfer pays for lessons and charge the same.

Many people don't even consider a trainer til later in life, and golfers are that demographic! They are in their 40's, 50's, 60's and above. Perfect for trainers!

Once you become the "golf fitness professional" in your locale, you'll have a flood of golfers wanting your services. All you have to do is get the first few golfers to see amazing results in their driving distance, golf swing consistency and score and they'll be your client for a LONG time.

Golfers are borderline superstitious. They will not want to try out different trainers. If they find one that does a good job, they'll use that trainer for years to come. As in any service business, retention is critical to your earning, and keeping a client is much easier than getting a new one.

Once you build a relationship with your new golf client, you can ask to play with them and analyze their golf swing even more. Talk about elevating your perception as an expert! They will be thoroughly impressed to say the least.

The more you get to know about your golf clients golf swing the better you can devise a program to improve his/her swing faults and golf-specific physical limitations. This will enhance and speed up results even more. If one of your golfing clients see's results in a week or so, they will be hooked for life! We all want "instant" results, and fitness for golfers can almost do that.

If you are a serious fitness professional you should also have a website that your local potential clients can find you. This may entail you to hire a search engine optimization specialist to help you get high rankings in the search engines.

Just picture clients finding your website all day every day. Do you think you'll have some solid leads from that? I think so!

These are exciting times for personal trainers. Especially the ones who really treat it like a business and apply approaches like the ones I discussed today.
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