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Setting the Stage with an E-commerce Platform

Apr 19, 2008
No ecommerce website can get by without a reliable e-commerce platform. Many make the mistake of going with the first payment processing platform they find; however, this generally ends up causing problems. There is no one size fits all program that accommodates the many different types of websites that sell many different kinds of products.

More often than not, an individual who is new to ecommerce will find that their sales are low despite a well organized website. It is only after trying to boost sales with everything from coupons to newsletters do they stop to look at their payment processing software. A system that cannot adequately process payment will definitely put a damper on sales.

Many shoppers expect expediency when they make a purchase online. With their personal information at stake, they will also expect transactions to be encrypted and secure. Many know that the battle between Internet safety and Internet thieves is a constant and raging battle.

Therefore, when a transaction takes too long or simply stops processing at all, it is easy to shake a customer's confidence. Once a site gets a reputation for a troublesome checkout process, it can be terribly difficult to woo them back from the competition. This is why an e-commerce platform deserves a large amount of focus when setting up a website.

First and foremost, one will want to consider what product or products they are selling on their website. While some websites will need a system that can figure discounts, shipping and handling or even cross sell products, others will not need anything this extensive. When needed, payment processing software can often combine a number of handy operations into one single program.

Many first time website owners rely on the expertise of others to tell them what they need. However, not every expert is looking out for his or her customer. A reliable e-commerce platform provider always lets a customer test the payment software before making a final decision.

Testing out the payment processing software lets a website owner find out just what they are offering their customers. If it is not something the website owner would not want to use him or herself, then it should be passed up for something more fitting. In addition, the shopping cart software should be easy to use and interface with the current website programming with relative ease.

A shopping cart program that offers a wide array of payment methods is also known to help draw in business. Although many individuals pay by credit card, some prefer to pay by electronic check. There are even payment platforms for converting legal tender into site based cyber currency.

It is not uncommon for an ecommerce website owner to see a boost in sales shortly after updating their shopping cart system. Not only does a good program keep track of sales and inventory, some will offer reports based on method of payment and even figure up daily average sales tax totals. Keeping good records is a must for any business that expects to be profitable.

When taking on a new platform, a quality provider will be able to openly answer all questions about the program. It should be easy to use and allow an individual to make changes to the website as needed. Tech support should be available for those times when tougher problems arise.

An e-commerce platform is very valuable and necessary but does not have to be confusing or intimidating for a new website owner. One can always find the platform they need simply by doing their research. The first rule of a new business is to never let one's enthusiasm distract from overlooking crucial aspects.
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