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Article Marketing - The Best Way To Build Quick Traffic!

Apr 19, 2008
Webmaster and affiliate marketers alike are interested in one thing, traffic. Relevant traffic is the blood of the internet and without it no sells, no ads, no internet! But what are the best methods to actually drive relevant traffic to your site? The methods are endless and the amount of traffic you can get through free tactics is pretty amazing. Here are a few of the top methods.

1 - Article marketing is king of free traffic building. Easy and fun, if you like writing then this should be your main advertising method, if you can write and release an article every few days to ezine articles and other article directories you can keep a reasonable amount of traffic coming into your site. A good paid submission service to try is Isnare.com, its anywhere from $2-$.50 per submission depending on how many credits you buy at a time.

2 - Although I love free methods of traffic production but I really have to give PPC its credit where it deserves it. PPC through Google is really worth the price and when used properly with a good site it can turn a good 3-5% conversion rate, sometimes more. Use article marketing first then move to PPC!

3 - Another method is forum participation with signatures and blogging. Find a good forum that is relevant to your website and get involved in the discussions. This is an excellent way to build links and get some traffic. Another way is build blogs, lots of them, put RSS feeds on all of them that update daily and link them to your site.

4 - Another new method is video marketing. Youtube.com is a huge social website where simple, creative, relevant video can get you thousands of back links and millions of views. This method is a little more difficult to pull off and requires some video editing ability as well as a creative plot. Stupid videos seem to get a lot of traffic so if your website is a funny site then Youtube is prime. But Youtube can be very beneficial to affiliate sites as well. Some videos have sprouted business and multimillion dollar websites.

Traffic is key! These methods will help you build traffic, guaranteed. But whether these methods turn into sells is up to your website. Website copywriting is key but that's for another article. There are plenty of online programs that help you build traffic and give you many other tips and tricks, and a few who give you a free website. If you need help finding affiliate programs or help staying away from online scams give my website a look. Being successful at online marketing isn't to difficult as long as you do it properly.

Some types of marketing is easier then others but whatever you decide to do remember, make sure you build your website correctly and then send traffic. I hope whatever you decide, you succeed. Top marketers make millions a year and they use these marketing strategies to produce traffic to there sites.
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