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Amazing E-zines That Grow Your Business

Apr 19, 2008
Staying in touch with customers has never been simpler with the advent of email newsletters. Otherwise known as e-zines, they don't consume a lot of resources to create and can be sent as often as consumers will read them. They provide one more outlet for you to reach a highly targeted audience. Consider the following suggestions when revamping your current newsletter.

It will become more challenging as time passes to think of creative additions to your e-zine. Continue to update your format and content as needed. For example, tell readers about new products or services you offer. You can even share reviews of different features.

Use an e-zine as a way to build a stronger link with clients. If you have the space and a large enough readership, profile someone in each issue. This person could be a customer, an industry expert, or a star-performer in the office. Don't forget to include coupons or freebies in every issue as an added benefit to readers. Letting people feel like they are a part of a community will entice them to continue reading your newsletter.

E-zines can be a successful marketing tool, but only for those who distribute them effectively. Emailing your information to everyone under the sun will not get you more business. It will earn you a reputation for lazy marketing tactics.

There are also other benefits of e-zines. The can increase the prestige of your company by displaying inside knowledge of the industry. You can demonstrate that you are on top of trends and have the edge over competitors by providing current information. You can even sell ad space on your e-zine to other companies to offset any costs involved with creating it.

Take note of what works well in others' e-zines. You may choose to use a more or less sophisticated version of what already exists simply to cater to your readership. Your budget and the time you have to commit to this project will also narrow down your ideas. Whichever style of publication you pick should be something you feel you can recreate every single issue.

You may need to outsource the writing to a professional to make sure your content doesn't fall short. Copywriters often have a knack for attention-grabbing phrases and headings. They will also have their work edited to make sure you don't send out any sloppy material.

To keep people interested and to recruit new subscribers, build a reputation for providing timely and relevant information to your readers. Be concise and creative, as busy people will not take the time to read every word. Include quick tips and several short subsections that can be quickly skimmed. Above all, strive to include useful content in every issue.
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