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Are You New To Online Marketing? Create A Blog

Apr 19, 2008
It was about a year ago in which I first decided to create a blog. Back then, I was into it mostly as a way to present computer tips for my site at the time about computer repair. After all, in our generation you practically have to make a blog if you want to have any chance of keeping up with changes about anything for readers.

The technology in computers was move on so fast, that I just got frustrated in trying to keep my sites information and blog up to date. It was a never ending battle just to try and keep up with changes that were occurring practically on a daily basis in that niche. So I decided to move on from that niche into a different one. To be completely honest, I was losing interest in the technical aspects of computers. I was much more interested in online marketing and everything I could learn about it. I enjoyed discussing that topic with people a lot more as well.

If you have a home business in which you work online, then most often a person will be wanting to use their own personal blog as an extension to their online prescence in which your home based business is featured around. Creating a blog has a lot of advantages over these other forms of communication. One of the biggest ones is that you can give your news to everyone at once. Once you create a blog, you don't have to worry about whether or not you are repeating yourself every time you tell the story or are communicating with your readers.

That is, of course, if you create a blog for social networking. People create blogs for many different reasons. Although social networking is probably the most common reason nowadays, a lot of people are into it for something more specific. Many blogs revolve around a specific interest. Some of them like to analyze the news from a certain perspective, others give information about a certain hobby or occupation, and others are dedicated to following the buzz in a particular industry. And of course, you can make money with a blog if you know how to do it.

Even if you don't really have anything to write about, you might want to create a blog just to keep up with the people around you. After all, it is important to keep an eye and an ear open to what is going on on the web. The easiest way to do this is to become a blogger and to communicate with other bloggers. Being part of an online community is more and more necessary if you want to keep in touch. Not only do you need the web to keep up with your friends, but also to stay in touch with your culture, your business, and the world as a whole. Blogging isn't the only way to do it, but it will help you to get noticed.

One of the great things about blogs is that the search engines love them. My blog posts these days are usually indexed in a matter of a few hours. I also show up on the front page of Google and other search engines in a matter hours in some cases as well. This does, of course, depend on the keywords in which your post is about.

There are also a number of viral marketing elements and strategies that you can put to use with blogs. Of course there are many different blogging platforms you can use when you create a blog. Obviously, Blogger and the hosted WordPress versions are very popular. People have some great results with these blogs and platforms. I've been learning more about using these blogs hosted by Google etc. more for feeder sites to your main blog. The guys at Social Power Linking have really opened my eyes up to the potential with blogs and it's very exciting.

Either way you'd like to look at it, if you have been thinking about creating a blog of any type, I'd suggest that you start doing it. Especially if you are planning on working online from home and using a blog to help as part of your online business. The best time to get started learning more about it is now. If you have no experience at all with blogs, simply create a blog at Blogger for now. It's enough to get your feet wet a bit. Once you start to get a feel for it, you will probably want to start learning about hosting your own blog eventually because having a blog is quite enjoyable. If you are just get started with online marketing, even doing something like this will get you moving in a positive direction.

Get started, create a blog! You can get your new home based business off the ground properly from the start.
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Davin Ogden is a viral marketing strategist who owns and operates several web sites on the internet. If you would like learn about a service which could help you to create a blog please click the link. If you would like to join a viral list building profit system please visit Honest Brands .
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