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The Truth And The Lies Of Network Marketing Success

Apr 19, 2008
Sure, you've seen them, the heavy hitters with their network marketing success stories. If you have not seen them in person at company events, you have seen their pictures on the internet alongside their dream homes and their luxury cars. Are the stories and the pictures all a lie, or could they be true? And if they are true, what is holding you back from getting a piece of that success?

It could be the methods that you are being taught. Achieving success in network marketing takes more than just having faith and belief in your company, your system or even your ultimate goal.

There are some vital pieces that are missing from your copy of the map for network marketing success. The first one is something that many companies and uplines mention, but without really making you understand how important it is. The truth is, it's a more important part of your success than anything else - including the product. So what is it? It is ... investing in YOU.

Most company training programs include the idea of goal-setting, but goals are not much help unless they are truly your own goals. If not, you will not take them seriously and you will quickly forget them. To be effective, goals should be about what you truly want from your business, not about how many leads you generate or how much product you are selling. Most network marketers don't have goals they can truly relate to, because they don't put enough time into investing in themselves.

What Do We Mean By Investing In Yourself?

Simple. Just get your daily dose of self improvement to develop your success mindset. Without it, climbing your way to the top of the heap is nearly impossible. But did you know you can just about cheat your way to success?

The answer is to hang out with the people who already have all the success that you want, and more. Don't worry, you don't have to stalk them! All you need is access to their ideas, whether written, spoken or on video.

It is often said that we adopt the attitudes and expectations of the people that we spend most time with. If someone who considers himself a loser is suddenly catapulted into being surrounded by successful people all of the time, his mindset will change. He will begin to think, speak and act like them. All that is holding you back right now is your own expectations and prejudices about yourself and your abilities. A daily mindset boost can change those ideas completely.

The effect of a daily dose of motivational material is astonishing. It has the power to overturn your self-limiting perceptions and break down the barriers to success that you have imposed on yourself.

This is true whether it is someone well known on the success circuit like an audio from Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn or whether it is somebody who is successful within your own company or in your upline.

It is amazing. Many people consider even 15 to 20 minutes of motivational material as timewasting or brainwashing. How wrong can they be! When you're building a network marketing business, the truth is, it's simply gold.

The failure rate in network marketing companies is terrifying. Up to 75% of people quit within 3 months. In 6 months, it's 90%. Of course some of those will go on to be successful with another company, and if you have been a 'serial quitter' in the past it's definitely time to turn your fortunes around. A regular dose of motivational audio will help you do just that.

All you have to do is invite the millionaire mindset into your life every day. Seven days a week is best. Miss a day now and then if you have to, but six days a week is the minimum. Make success a part of your life and changes will soon follow -- changes that will amaze you, open doors for you and pave the way to your network marketing success.
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