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How to Achieve Customer Loyalty

Apr 19, 2008
You must have heard the phrase "brand loyalty". When a consumer finds that a particular brand is delivering the best products and services for him and that brands solves his problems with their products, he begins to identify that brand with a certain quality and develops a loyalty for it. In fact, if you have a customer who is committed to your brand, chances are that he will choose your product or service over the others that are available in the market.

Despite the age old tradition of brand loyalty, there is a new trend these days that puts a question mark over the whole concept of brand loyalty. With the constant increment in the number of options that a prospective customer has, the tendency of the customer to stick to a particular brand is withering away. The prospective customer now goes for the cheaper and the better option rather than going for the old brand that was earlier preferred. The concept of customer loyalty is witnessing a downslide as the markets become more and more competitive. In fact, a major factor in triggering this change is the development of numerous search engines (for example, Yahoo! or Google). The search engines are now the preferred mode of looking for a product and the prospective customers choose the product that best suits their needs from an array of products and services on the net.

However, in order to make your business successful, it is absolutely necessary to have a certain amount of customer loyalty. The loyal customer is someone who will not easily opt for some other product or service over yours. You need to improve yourself constantly in order to keep your old customer base faithful as ever.

Customer loyalty plays a major role in making your business successful. If you are capable of retaining as much as 5% of your old customer base, then your business can grow up to 75%. Another great thing about your old customers who rely on you is that they will tell their friends, family and acquaintances about your products and services. In this manner, your business will get the best kind of advertising possible. Similarly, a customer who does not like your products might do some negative marketing for you, so you need to be on your toes and ensure that all your customers are satisfied with you. This will help you convert your prospective customers to your clients.

In order to keep your old customer base alive and loyal towards your business. You need to have something unique about your business. If you are able to have a unique feature that your customers love, then chances are that your customers will stick to your company and even tell others about it. The key is to develop this USP or Unique Selling Point in order to entice the customers and keep them loyal. If your customer is aware of your USP and benefits from it, you will get a brand loyalty that will be enough to keep your business booming.
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