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Are Brands Just A Quality Symbol In Customers View?

Apr 19, 2008
Whenever we hear the word "Brand" we think of something unique and distinctive. The origin of the word is in early farming parlance where a particular farmer marked their animals in order to identify them. This kind of marking to distinguish something from others came to be known as branding.

Although we are referring to the corporate world here and not the relaxed world of farmlands, the concept remains very much the same. Even today, the word brand strikes the same chord - we think of something distinct and different from others. Every business owner wants to create his own brand and be identified with it.

When you have a brand and the brand delivers the best to its customers, your customers will automatically seek your particular brand and prefer it on others when it comes to the specific product or service that you are offering. The association of a particular brand with a certain kind of quality also dates back to many years. For example, a particular farmer branded his cattle and then sold it in the market. When people saw that the meat they bought had one thing in common - the brand - they began to prefer it to others. Right from an early age, the word brand then became associated with quality and better services.

In today's intensely competitive business world, you need to have a brand in order to combat the existent brands that have become an integral part of people's lives. Right from biscuits to cars, every item is identified with a brand that people acknowledge to be superior then others.

In fact, something like a symbol or a catch line becomes the signature of a brand and then the product is identified by that particular symbol. A good brand is something that the customers invest their complete faith on. The brand becomes synonymous with quality and service once the customers accept it.

The meaning of the word brand:

The word brand cannot be assigned any particular meaning. To a business owner it means something, to a customer it means another thing and to another person it again means something else. So we can say that brand is a very relative word, signifying different things to different people.

If one needs to define the word in a very broad sense, then one can say that it signifies the trust and the expectation that the customers have for a particular product or service. At the same time, a brand is also symbolic of quality and character. For example, a customer will choose a good brand over a random product because they believe that the brand will deliver what it promises and at the same time, it will also be of good quality.

Gauge the competition and then develop better products

In order to start off a brand of your own, you need to keep track of what the competition is offering. Merely knowing what the others have to offer is not enough. You need to establish a unique feature in your own product and service in such a way that the focus of the customers drifts from the earlier to yours.

Another term that is much used in business jargon is "strategic awareness". Your brand reaches the level of strategic awareness with the consumers when your customers are able to identify your brand with certain qualities and distinguish it from the competition. Strategic awareness is very close to your USP or Unique Selling Point. The USP or the strategic awareness is the characteristic feature of your brand that the customers identify and understand as superior to others.
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