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How to Keep Your Customer Base Thriving

Apr 19, 2008
Once you start a business, the first thing that you need to concentrate on is building up a customer base. The key to having a successful business is that you need to keep your old customer base in tact and at the same time seek new customers. Often, business owners have a problem - they are unable to sustain their old customer base while trying to gain a new customer base. There are some points given below that will help you to keep your old customer base as it is and at the same time, expand your clientele.

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you keep on providing the services that you have gained your clients for. If you keep on delivering the service that you promise, there is no question of your clients drifting away.

Another thing that is very crucial to the holding of your customer base is keeping track of your customer base. You need to maintain a database of your clients in order to ensure that you have a customer database to follow up your clients. It is very important to have the details of your customers so that you can contact them whenever required. Apart from the email id of your customer, you should also have their postal address and their telephone numbers. The importance of the database is that there may be a certain customer who does not log on to the internet regularly, so it is handy to have that customer's phone number if you need to contact him or her urgently.

Remember that direct interaction with your customers goes a long way in keeping your customers base intact. Follow up your customers and send direct emails in order to keep your customers happy and your business thriving.

If you want to keep your business thriving, you need to ensure that your customers are contented with your services. Try to entice your customers by giving special offers. You can attract your customers to your products and services by giving a special offer or two. You can give them offers like discounts or free services to attract them to your products and become your permanent customers.

Another great way to keep your customer base alive and thriving is to arrange special events for your clients. You can arrange a seminar or a presentation on something that is related to your products and services and then invite your customers. In order to further establish your relationship with your customers you can even host luncheons and dinners. Such interactive platforms will help you keep your clients satisfied and your network stable.

A little bit of personal interaction can go a long way in keeping your customers rooted to your business. You need to keep track of certain important dates for the customers like birthdays, anniversaries or festivals and wish them on these special occasions. You can keep track of such things by having a good database. This kind of personal interaction is something that makes your customer rely on you even more and stick to you through thick and thin.

A good follow up of your products and services is very important. After you have sold something to the customer, you need to be there and assure your customer that in case of any problem, he or she can fall back on you. Try to send follow up emails or make follow up phone calls in order to build up the trust.

A good first impression is very important. Thus, you must have a space where you are able to demonstrate your achievements so that your customers are impressed and attracted towards your business.

Never let your old customer base think that you are ignoring them because you are hunting for a new customer base. Always inform them about new offers and functions so that they feel part of the family. Also, ask your old customers about any problems they are facing with your products and services and do your best to set them right.
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