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How To Handle Feedback On Ebay

Apr 19, 2008
Receiving negative feedback can be very damaging especially when noting that it could seriously injure business transactions in the future. The worst part about receiving such a comment is if you feel it was undeserved. Although this doesn't happen very often there are some eBay members that do abuse the system so being prepared is always the best policy.

When receiving negative feedback there are some steps you can take in order to solve the problem. Just to make things clear, eBay will only agree to remove a negative feedback if the comment breaches their Feedback Abuse Policy (FAP). If you believe a comment received violates the FAP, submit a request and they will remove it, either than that you're on your own. In other cases a more diplomatic approach is required and if you do everything correctly that shouldn't be a problem.

The only other way negative feedback can be removed is by communicating with your trading partner and resolving the problem mutually. What happens is, you request to talk to them and expose the situation offering to resolve the problem peacefully. Make sure they understand that reaching an agreement would be beneficial to both parties and that this could avoid many troubles in the future.

If your trading partner agrees to mutually withdraw the negative feedback for that transaction the problem is solved and your overall score will return to normal. The best part about this method is that other members will notice your dedication to providing a good service, transforming something particularly negative into a positive experience.

If the trading partner refuses to cooperate there is one last line of defense that can really make a difference. After receiving a negative feedback that a trading partner refuses to delete, post a response explaining exactly what happen. The answer should be in a professional tone and never used to further humiliate or attack that member.

Remember that you are doing this to clean your overall image and not to start another dispute. Other eBay members will notice this and the negative effect will be greatly reduced. In the end your positive feedbacks will undoubtedly outweigh any negative comment and their effect will be greatly minimized.

To reduce the probabilities of receiving negative feedback you should always insure that the people you conduct business with, realize that they can contact you at all times to resolve any given issue peacefully. It is a known fact that most negative feedbacks are given out in sudden moments of anger from discontent users who think they have been cheated.

Contacting the seller or buyer to solve a problem is always the last course of action these members pursue so facilitating the communication between parties is always recommended.
If a positive approach is always enforced even the most unpleasing situations can be resolved in a favorable manner.

Take advantage of all situations no matter how pessimistic they might appear and you will notice that the wide-ranging effect of negative feedback will be greatly minimized.
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