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Apr 20, 2008
There is a research tool for keywords in Google. You can get to it by clicking on "Tools" at the top of the screen, in the green stripe. Option one is this, if you have your website already up and running and don't desire to start from the beginning with your keywords, select "Site-Related Keywords" tab and then enter the web address for one or more of the pages from your site. Then Google will browse through your site and make up a keyword list for you.

If you want to use keywords that are variations of the main keywords for your site than you want to click on the "Keyword Variations" tab and enter one of the core keywords. You won't just get variation from Google you will also get a whole boatload of related suggestions if you click on the small box on the right marked "Use Synonyms". The results you get from Google are the results you would hope to get from a top of the line search engine. Quality results!

A portion of the results you will find related; while others you will not want to use. There will be plenty to help with your AdWords mgmt. They will also give you the quantity of traffic the relative terms will produce, but they won't give you the precise number of searches for the terms on Google. For this function go to the "Show Columns" drop menu and choose "Keyword Popularity".

The partially-shaded rectangles tell you how saturated with competitors each keyword is, along with the relative volume of searches each term gets.

"Global Search Volume Trends" is a great feature also. It gives you a monthly graphic, for the keyword, showing average searches.

Very clever. And very helpful in Google AdWords management. You get variations that Overture couldn't give you and information about your competition that you can't get from any other free service. And it doesn't cost you a penny extra.


If you were to look for all the variations searched for "learn German" using Overture, then you would get a list where each of the terms would include those two words.

1,371 learn to speak german

916 learn german free

598 learn german online free

383 learn to speak german for free

108 learn to speak german online

100 german language learn online

73 learn swiss german

71 learn german software

69 learn german cd

Won't there be people interested in learning German use other phrases?

Of course there are. How about the guy who wants to "study German" or "study in German". There is also the individual who might type in, "learn Deutsch" or even "sprechen sie Deutsch".

But how do you know what other possible keywords there are? Answer: Wordtracker's Wide Search.

Let's say now that you're bidding on keywords for cell phones. Go to Wordtracker, and you'll get these suggested variations:

mobile phone



cellular phone










If you let loose of the reigns to your imagination, you will find that this list of keywords that you got from Wordtracker can open up new and previously unconsidered markets. After looking at the keyword list and considering the possibilities quite a few people have realized that the market is rich for accessories for Nokiea phones rather than the phones themselves. This is only one example of many. This is the reason you do the research. Don't close yourself to the possibilities.

Wordtracker is not designed to give you click costs or profitability estimates. It's made to alert you to all of the possible directions you can take with your keywords. It does this by

illuminating the keyword varieties individuals have searched for throughout the past 60 days, and

advising you of the number of searches each term has had by Dogpile and Metacrawler.

Other than plurals and singulars, other variations in spelling are not included. Phrases like "cell", cell phone" and "cellular" will have to be done in separate tasks.
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