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How High Is The Demand For This Product?

Apr 20, 2008
There can't be anything more dispiriting than putting together your website and then having to wait for people to just "come" to it. Waiting for your birthday when you are a kid. That is the reason that the premier element of your online world is how you manage your PPC.

Ten minutes from right now you can have a Google campaign up and running, sending visitors to your web site. The speed at which you can do new things and make changes in Google's system is stunning.

Speed could also be a problem. "Haste makes waste" is an applicable statement here.

Blowing your whole budget on PPC management is easy - you select a keyword, make an ad, and pay for bunches of visitors that are not going to by anything from you. To help you be sure not to spend money getting the wrong kinds of visitors to your website. Ask:

How Many People are Looking for this Product?

The answer to this question will help you be realistic with what you expect. It may also help you keep disappointment at bay if you find out later on that Google can't get the new customers you were hoping for. Should that happen, the chances are that you will find other less well-known traffic sources that are just as profitable but the competition is not as stiff.

Using Overtures search term suggestion tool http://inventory.overture.com (or http://inven tory.uk.overture.com for the UK), you can estimate what your traffic could be in just a few moments. All you need to do is put in some of your main keywords and then you will see just how many searches were done last month on their servers.

Take this example; the products in your skin care company are for slowing the aging process. Just suppose you are just starting out and want to use Google to bring in more visitors. Where can you start?

The first thing to do is to brainstorm a starter list of possible keywords. You've got plenty to work from:






cosmetic surgery






This is just a starting list. Here is what we find out if we go on over to the keyword selector tool at Overture and see what kind of searches they got in the last month. This is what came up:

skin 7,290

beauty 5,006

acne 1,872

cosmetics 1,862

makeup 1,796

cosmetic surgery 1,736

dermatology 622

anti-aging 503

wrinkles 485

oils 390

moisturizers 120

Notice what's going on here:

See that 'skin' got more than 60 times the searches that the last term, 'moisturizers' got. 'Skin' will be an MVP for you.

When you run your Overture inventory search on any one of these keywords, you'll invariably get a list of irrelevant terms as well. Those will become your negative keywords.

There are a huge number of people who may want skin-care products but who'll use different word combinations than are on the lists we've come up with. So for a successful PPC management, we'll need to brainstorm for more, and then search Overture's tool again.

The results from Overture indicate that we could get ten or even an hundred thousand US searches in one month using the top keywords we found.
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