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4 Suggestions For Improved Sales Copy

Apr 20, 2008
If you promote stuff on the Internet don't you want to sell as much as possible? Since your sales page is your salesperson you want to to make sure it does the best possible selling job for you. Here are 4 Suggestions to improve any sales page:

Should You Really Offer Your Best Ideas Up Front?

Some say you should offer your most closely held information first. But is this a valid concept? Absolutely! Why?

The reason is this establishes your authority first and that separates you from the crowd. It also makes your credibility shine which is something you'd pay a big money for if you could purchase it.

Credibility naturally follows authority. Think about it. If you see someone standing by the side of the road, putting up their hand for you to stop... maybe you will or maybe you won't. If you see someone in a police uniform doing the same thing, especially if he is standing next to a police car with lights flashing... you stop. Why?

Because his uniform and car give him credibility, as well as authority. If he told you the bridge was out up ahead and you needed to detour, you would do what your were told.

Once you've established yourself as an authority, more sales are sure to follow.

Sow Questions in the Reader's Mind to Pique Interest.

Our brains are designed to answer questions. Remember when I asked a question above? The intent was to demonstrate this point but I had another motive also. If I simply told you to "Put your best foot forward" you would have promptly shut me out because you'd assume what what I was going to say. By putting forth the question you not only kept reading but also kept searching for an answer. And that's something any author wants from a reader. But there's more...

Keep Your Reader's Moving

As copywriter Joe Sugarman explains. your copy should be a "slippery slide" for the reader. Your headline directs the reader to the sub-headline, the sub-head to the opening paragraph and so on... so the reader ends up at the order button with no other logical action but to buy.

Every element is geared to help with the cause. Structure these elements so they make it easy for scanners to zip through your sales page but compelling enough to make them take notice. You also want to create curiosity and make your benefits stand out.

Be Clear on What YOU Want!

Is it clear to anyone who lands on your page what you expect of them? If not this could be a large part of your conversion problem.

Too many sales pages never make it clear what they are selling much less what they expect out of the customer. What do you do?

Easy. Tell them what you want from them. If you want the sale ask for the sale. If you want the visitor to subscribe say so. It's all right to ask for both but be certain to focus your message on THE most important outcome you are looking for.

Offer convincing arguments in form of benefits to persuade the to act as you want but don't mess around - state what you want from the visitor.

By establishing your expertise, sowing questions in reader's minds, giving them a ride and showing them clearly what you expect from them, you can expect to see your conversions make a surprising leap and that will directly affect your profits.
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