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USP And Its Relation To AdWords Management

Apr 20, 2008
This is the moment for you to boil down your message to its most pertinent element. Now you may believe you have it trimmed down, but have you let your clients know the reason they should buy from you?

In your AdWords management this might be the most important aspect. In marketing this could be the part that overshadows everything else. With this thing, every other aspect of marketing gets easier. When it is missing, people wander in a fog, aimlessly for years.

What's this "thing," this magic ingredient? It's having a good answer to the following question:

Why should I have business dealings with you and not with any other business out there or no one at all?

Here is another way to ask the question:

What can you offer that no one else can?

If you can give a potent answer to these two questions, your ad copy will nearly write itself. If you can answer these questions with conviction, clients will get in line to buy from you.

When your business possesses a simple, unmistakable mission, it stands out in an age of obfuscated marketing messages and Byzantine corporatespeak. Your answer to this question is your unique selling proposition (USP). A statement of value that's so clear and focused it's almost impossible to misunderstand it.

Embellishments are not necessary. When your USP is straight and clear that it is like you are spotlighted, corporations will take note, your business will be profitable, and even your ads will nearly be composed spontaneously.

USP? What's Up With That?

Your USP is that one thing special about you that your customer can't find anyplace else. It's your Unique Selling Proposition. It's what you bring to the table that no other business does, or even can.

With your USP you show off the individuality of your goods, though it doesn't stop there. It is the core reasoning for the goods you off but for the services that go along with them, why clients need them and the timing of delivery and resolution to any problems that may arise.

When advertising with Google AdWords the trouble comes not always from improper use of Adwords but from having a hazy or unfocused USP. Make your USP clear, simple and utterly unique and all else will fit neatly together; keywords, ad copy, and pricing.
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