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Internet Marketing - How Does Your Garden Grow

Apr 20, 2008
There once was a man who sold vegetables from his ample garden. His son saw the hard work his father put into the produce and suggested ways to expand the garden with methods that would self-water the plant. This way more produce could be grown.

The son then discovered that the local grocery stores would consider the possibility of extending a contract for some of the produce. They figured locally grown produce of high quality was much better than that which was shipped from locations hundreds of miles away.

Soon the land next to the garden came up for sale and the son suggested they purchase the land and convert it to a garden the specialized in exotic produce that is often hard to find in grocery stores.

It wasn't long before new employees were needed and shipments of produce to far away grocers were common.

The son began to think his suggestions were the reason the garden business was transformed into a family enterprise that employed many. He began to suggest that his skills were solely responsible for the transformation.

The father quietly listened to the son and then replied, "Son, you have a brilliant mind and you have suggested many things that have helped this business grow. However, there are some things you may not realize."

With that the gardening father told his son about the many years he had spent providing vegetables for family, friends, neighbors and visitors. He told the son about the promise to the local grocer that if the business ever grew large enough produce would be made available to his supermarket at a fair price. He told the son about grocers who came from other towns to sample his produce.

"You have forgotten, Son," the man continued, "your suggestions were good because a foundation of trust had already been established."

In many business opportunities growth is directly proportionate to the trust consumers have in the business and/or products.

In the case of the fictional story above there was a concerted effort to build on a foundation of trust so when new expansion methods were enacted customers could be assured that the same careful attention to detail would follow though in the new growth.

It is a very smart entrepreneur that develops trust marketing as the first pillar in their online business model. Trust marketing involves reaching out to others in a variety of networking opportunities. It involves promising big things and making sure you can deliver. Trust marketing puts customer service at the pinnacle of considerations for business growth. Trust marketing is more concerned with satisfied customers than almost anything else.

When the time comes for this type of business to grow the foundation is already in place to see very positive expansion and improved opportunity.

Trust marketing draws on interpersonal relationships, honesty and integrity. Trust marketing proves that you are a business owner worth dealing with. Trust marketing results in improved recommendations from existing customers. Trust marketing means expansion of your business should be expected and welcomed by existing customers.

You may not grow a vegetable garden, but your business may be primed to grow. Have you marketed trust effectively?
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