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The Hottest Trend In Advertising - Vehicle Graphics

Apr 20, 2008
Vehicle graphics are the hottest trend in advertising today. Vehicle graphics can easily turn any car, SUV, truck, boat, or bus into a moving billboard seen by thousands of people every day.

Vehicle graphics is a catch-all phrase to describe any sort of design on a vehicle. A graphic may be simply decorative or a form of artistic expression, as in a custom paint job on a personal car or van. However, with the addition of a company name, logo and other details, a graphic can transform any vehicle into low-cost, highly effective advertising with very little effort.

Mobile advertising is currently considered just about the most effective type of advertising available right now. Some studies show that around 95% of people who see advertising on a vehicle are likely to remember the company, as compared to around 80% on a traditional billboard. The cost of billboard advertising can get pretty steep, as they are rented on a monthly basis and can easily cost $6,000 or more per year. Additionally, there is a limit to how many people, and from which demographics, will actually see a given billboard. Figures for yellow pages advertising are very good as well, with AT&T stating that about 88% of people who find a business in the yellow pages will then make a purchase or use a service, but paying for advertisements in multiple yellow books can become costly and time consuming.

Mobile advertising doesn't require any extra effort once the initial graphic has been placed on the vehicle. All you need to do is drive around as you normally would, and your company's logo will be seen every where you go. Even parking in parking lots while going about normal business or personal errands will gain advertising, as your ad will still be viewed by many people, both in the parking lot and from the road.

Vehicle graphics are relatively inexpensive, as you are only incurring only a one-time fee. Some businesses choose to go with a simple, inexpensive door decal or magnet, one for each side of the car. This will usually run less than $150 per vehicle, and can easily be changed or replaced. Magnets can even be removed from personal vehicles when driving to a place where you would not want to have advertising on your car. Decals are more permanent, but are able to be removed when desired, and leave no residue or film on the vehicle. A custom paint job may run around $6,000 to $8,000, and can be very artistic and effective. However, this should be considered permanent, as you would incur another charge of several thousand dollars to have the vehicle repainted if you no longer needed the advertisement.

Vehicle wraps are very popular right now, which are large, adhesive backed panels that can wrap the entire vehicle, or be applied in separate smaller panels if desired. The wraps can easily be removed if you would like to change your design or no longer need advertising, yet will stay on the vehicle for years, so they are also considered permanent, although semi-permanent might be a better term. The vinyl wraps are digitally printed in full color and can make quite a statement, with a price tag of around $2,000 to $6,000 for cars, depending on the size and design of the vehicle. The price can go up a bit for larger SUVs, vans and trucks.
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