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Starting A Specialized Wrapping Business

Apr 20, 2008
It's a Wrap!

If you are looking to start a work-at-home business with low start-up costs, is fun and simple to do, and has a huge market of potential customers, look no further than specialized wrappers.

The personalized wrapper business expands way beyond candy, although chocolate bars are still the number one seller of most wrapping businesses. Other popular items include wine and water bottles, CDs, soap, coffee, jam, even paint cans (to use as gift baskets). The possibilities are literally endless!

The Market

Do you happen to know anyone who:

* Is planning a wedding
* Is having a baby
* Owns a business
* Is retiring soon
* Will be planning a birthday party
* Is celebrating an anniversary
* Sends out holiday cards
* Participates in fundraising

And there is your market - pretty much everybody! In fact, you probably know several people who fit somewhere on that list right now. People who would be very interested in specialized wrappers to use as party or wedding favors, keepsakes, advertising tools, announcements, fundraising items, unique gifts, and holiday greetings.

Your only problem will be finding the time to reach all of the potential customers in your area!

Getting Started

Chances are, you already own a computer and printer. It's likely that you also possess a digital camera and a scanner. If so, the only start-up costs involved in wrapping will be the paper and the items! In addition, you might choose to purchase a candy wrapping software program (available for around $30). There are also several e-books available which can give you more helpful information on this lucrative business (e-books run around $17).

Before rushing out to purchase your paper and items, search your local yellow pages or the Internet for wholesalers. Also check into wholesale stores like Sam's Club or Cosco, where you may be able to purchase candy and other items at a cheaper bulk rate to keep your costs down.

What the job requires:

* Creativity and imagination. Customers want fresh ideas that haven't been done before.

* Know-how. Some knowledge of technology is necessary. To help boost confidence, you may choose to purchase some candy wrapping software, which comes with specific step-by-step instructions. With some time and a little perseverance, you'll be a technological guru in no time.

* Organization. Like any home-based business, wrapping will require organization skills. You'll need files for customers, orders (including due dates), business expenses, and taxes, among other things. An excel file often works best for tracking and record keeping.

* Marketing. Your product won't sell itself. Getting the word out about what you have to offer is the best way to create a successful business. See below for ideas of where to promote your products,

Where to promote your wrapped items:

Giving away FREE samples is the best way to advertise and showcase your work. Handing out candy bars wrapped in your business card, for example, is a wonderful idea. Be sure to include various options, specifically tailored to their needs. Carry samples with you wherever you go so you always have one on hand. Make it a goal to give away two or three candy bars per day.

In the meantime, there are many places you can contact about displaying your products.

* Gift shops
* Flower shops
* Doctor's offices
* The bank
* Bakeries
* Party stores
* Bridal shops
* Maternity stores
* Hospitals
* Coffee shops

Of course, word of mouth is always the best advertising. If you are artistic and creative, you should be able to offer wraps that will get people talking and keep your phone ringing.
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