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eBay - There Are Better Ways To Make Money Online!

Apr 20, 2008
So your interested in e-commerce? Want to be a power seller or a super affiliate, well the appeal is obvious as top marketers make millions but the market is changing.

Ebay use to be prime territory to make some quick cash, the commissions were low, the prices were good, and it was pretty easy to sell things. Well, things have changed, Ebay fees have gone up, products are hard to get at ebay selling prices (you have to by in mass bulk to even have a chance in some areas), and competition has become ridiculous. So if you are new to online marketing I would highly suggest not trying to sell on ebay for income unless,

1) You have start up capital, preferably 2-3 thousand dollars for proper product sourcing, market testing, and proper supplies.

2) You have a reliable supplier or drop shipper that has competitive pricing and you can make at least 10-20 percent profit on each item after Ebay and other fees. If your trying to find drop shippers beware becuase there are plenty of scams out there. Make sure to do your research and don't buy into something to quickly!

3) And/or You have prior knowledge of marketing online, if you know a little bit about online marketing you can really increase your profit margins. Ebay has an outside referral policy where they refund some of the seller fees if you brought the buyer in from outside sources created by your advertisements.

Ebay is not a friendly market place anymore, if you want to make money on a regular basis you better have a secret or source that other people haven't found or figured out. If you have junk lying around, sure! You can make some extra dough in no time but this junk will run out eventually.

If you are really serious about making some green online then you need to check out all the options, affiliate marketing is one of the top opportunities online. Top affiliates make a $100,000 or more a year and the market is ever expanding so you can make a place for yourself!

Another option is a pretty fun one, freelancing! Write for other people and they will pay you, anywhere from 5-25 dollars and in some cases freelancers get paid $20,000+ to write books, but you have to have some serious connections to make this type of dough. Remember, you have to start somewhere and writing a 500 word article will only take 20-30 minutes. 10 articles x $10 x 10 days = $1000... Now that isn't to bad.

If i had to choose i would try both but the most potential comes from affiliate marketing, but ebay if used properly can create a substantial amount of income, affiliate marketing is easier but ebay is a much more difficult market to edge into and freelancing can be time consuming. Good luck in your endeavorers and go make some money! If you need help choosing the right program check out my website, the top money making programs online are listed and ranked! Again, Good luck!
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Nicholas Vernon is a top reviewer of programs that help you make money online. He is 21 and makes a full time income from the comfort of his couch! He reviews program after program and only shows you the ones that pass! Nick's site premiers the top online marketing programs and courses. These programs are tried and true ways of jump starting your online career. These Affiliate marketing programs can work for you. Click here to start reviewing the top programs!
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