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Term Life Insurance And Small Business

Apr 20, 2008
Term life insurance cannot only offer protection for individuals but also for small businesses and the owners of that business. Do you own a small business? If you do, you're paying liability and property insurances, which protects your business against theft, fire, flood, and a variety of other disasters. However, these types of insurance do not protect the people in the company, only the physical and monetary assets.

What would happen if one of your key employees like a manger or CEO were suddenly unable to work because of a disability or a death? What happens if something happens to you, or to one of your partners? Are you prepared for disasters or deaths like these? What would happen to your business? If there are outstanding business loans and other monetary obligations, who is going to take care of them if you are gone? This is exactly where the concept of term life insurance for small business comes into play.

As your company begins to grow, there are likely going to be a couple of key people that your business would be unable to function without. There may be a CEO, a manager, an accountant, or someone else who really matters to your company. Without this person, your company would probably have difficulty functioning. Some businesses go out of business when a key person like this dies, because they cannot handle the finances, or cannot drum up the same level of sales without them. Learn more about term life insurance and if it's right for protecting your small business at http://www.stefanoberti.com/get-the-best-quote-for-your-insurance.htm.

By taking a term life insurance policy out on each of these key people, you can better insure your company by protecting her against any losses that would be faced if one of these people were to become unable to work because of a disability, or even worse, because of a death. Are you wondering why term life insurance is the best alternative? Especially when it comes to young companies, term life insurance policies have lower premiums, and the limited coverage term seems to make the most sense for small business owners.

As the company continues to grow and becomes more stable and more successful, term life insurance policies can be converted into whole life key person insurance policies. These are insurance policies that are designed especially to cover the loss of a key person who is employed by an organization.

Term life insurance policies can also usually be used to cover partners who work in a buy and sell arrangement. If one partner should happen to pass away, the death benefit will serve as a buyout so that his half of the company can be purchased from the family. This way, the family is not stuck with a business they have no interest in, and instead receive the death benefit that they need to survive in the form of the proceeds from the business sale. Find out more regarding term life insurance by visiting http://www.equote.com/li/termlifeinsurance.html.

Term life insurance is not always the perfect option. In some situations, a whole life insurance policy is ideal because it allows the investment to be used to fund and finance projects, and can provide the foundation for a retirement plan or allow the business to borrow against the insurance for expansion purposes. Still, term life insurance is an alternative that should be explored, especially when it comes to young businesses that are interested in short term protection.

Regardless of whether you choose term life insurance or whole life insurance, insuring the key people in your organization is a critical part of protecting your company from some of the disasters that can prevent a business from functioning.
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