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The Little Guy Network Call To Action. Stop Thinking And Start Doing!

Apr 20, 2008
They say that a light bulb can go off over ones head when an idea is incredibly good. And it did. There are several calls to inaction in everyday life including spouses, children, work, and the overall mundane chores to keeping a roof over ones head. This "effort of living" tends to steer us all into a course of making excuses for not moving forward.

Throughout life I have seen so many people who were so adverse to success that they literally were afraid of its promise; the promise to give back what you have put into it. Being afraid of success is in fact an issue with so many people because succcess comes with a handful of many responsibilities. We must embrace success and at the same time accept all the additional responsibilities that come with it.

On our path to internet marketing, there is one concept that is key to making things work. That concept is called "starting". You have to start. You must immediately do something, anything, and this will be momentum to help you move forward. When the angel of inspiration tells you to do something you Must first, listen, and then react. But not just react in a subtle ears open way, but rather in a way that Causes activity! The Little Guy Network was the talking that the angel did. It said to me, "this is a great Internet marketing opportunity that you can get in, promote for very little money, and gain massive success with". So instead of ignoring this perfect opportunity, I decided to embrace it as the number one way to gain a foothold in our potential marketing future.

As soon as I opened the sales page I knew that The Little Guy Network was a system that had the potential to really work. First off it has a low initial $200 fee to join up. And for those that want to take the extra step there is also a $500 level called Little Guy Network Extreme. The backend products include travel vouchers (worth way more than the initial investment in my opinion), a very large software library , and videos with resale rights that allows you to promote your business. As soon as I was introduced to this concept of "helping other people help themselves ", I was immediately intrigued, and made the decision that this was the business I was looking for.

After dwelling on several different internet marketing offers for almost 2 years I felt it was time to get into action. My sponsor was very helpful and everything was setup in 2 days. Within 2 days I had my own personal website, capture page, and auto responder setup. Taking action was starting to pay off. Along with the excellent help in the little guy network backend, my team also had a series of free capture pages, websites, and best of all an entire mini course in marketing online. This marketing course was the key to starting to get prospects.

So, instead of sinking into a longer "coma of inaction", start today!
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From attraction marketing to explosive sales online, Rick Sadlowski has been called the number one up can coming mentor in the industry. Now promoting Little Guy Network, he is seeing explosive success. http://www.lgnprofit.com
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