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Buying Collectibles On Ebay For Profit

Apr 21, 2008
eBay is a great source of collectibles. There are so many unique objects that you cannot find anywhere else, making collecting these items one of the most enjoyable things to do on eBay. This articles lists a few tips to help you start buying these collectibles.

1. Find your category

Decide what type of collectibles do you want to be looking at. From Star Wars paraphernalia to antique vases, it is likely that all the items you are looking for are listed in the same category. Adding this category to your favourites on your internet browser allows you to come back and dive straight into purchasing items which you are interested in, rather than sifting through all the other items available.

2. Look for mistakes

Being a collector, you probably know a lot about the item, possibly even more than the seller. This can prove to be a golden opportunity for you. Sometimes, the seller does not even realise that they are in possession of a rare item. Email the seller to ask a few questions to confirm your suspicions. You might just be able to obtain an extremely rare item cheaply, either for resale or for collection.

3. Don't trust the descriptions

Most sellers call their items 'rare'. Just because an item is labelled as 'rare' on the description doesn't mean it actually is. Don't bid on an item unless you're absolutely sure you know what you are buying.

4. Follow other users

When collecting something, you will notice that you are constantly buying from the same sellers, or bidding against the few same buyers. Add their user pages to your Favourites. Checking back on them often will allow you to search for items that interest you far more efficiently.

5. Be prepared to walk away

There are so many items being listed everyday on eBay that even if you lose a single auction, chances are that it will reappear in no time. If you cannot walk away from an auction, expect to pay a premium. Rather than being caught in a bidding war on an expensive item, go and bid on a lower-priced auction. There is virtually nothing that is so rare that another seller won't be able to sell.

6. Be aware of shipping

Collecting many small items of low value might result in the postage costing as much as the item itself. You should always be aware of shipping costs as they can slowly add up to significant amounts. A good strategy to use is to always buy a couple of items from the same seller. This can result in them offering a discount on postage. Even if they do not, it is good to build a reputation with a certain buyer as they may offer you discounts on further purchases.

Some auctions go slower than others, perhaps even several days before they receive a new bid. In the next article, I will explain how you can take advantage of these 'slow' auctions to make a profit, or to grab a bargain.
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