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How To Make Money With A Talent Agency

Apr 21, 2008
Talent agents work on behalf of the creative talent in the entertainment industry. Usually creative talent means actors, directors and writers, but can also include producers, costume designers, lighting cameramen, choreographers, composers. Basically anyone who has creative input in an entertainment project can have an agent to represent them. This is where you come in.

Starting up your own talent agency business means that you need to acquire talents to work for you. Or in other words talents who could make money for you. Being an agent means that you acquire percentage of what talents earn from a show or booking that you have arranged for them. You contact event organizers to market your talents and in the long run for your talents to e paid thus earning yourself the percentage agreed upon.

Primarily an agent's task is to find work for their clients, and negotiate the fees, royalties and credit for the work. When the client is earning, they are earning, as they receive 10% of the client's fee. Agents also provide moral support, send flowers on opening night, post signed photographs to fans, field inquiries from talk shows and charities, take crisis calls from film sets on the other side of the world, deny everything to journalists, fend off producers, arrange schedules, throw parties and recommend good lawyers.

In fact, one of the more shadowy roles of an agent is damage limitation (control). A negative story in the newspapers, a kiss-and-tell, or a drugs allegation - all of these unfortunate situations generally fall first to the agent, who must therefore have good contacts with lawyers, publicity agents and gossip columnists. But the role of the agent has expanded even further in recent years. Large agencies are now closely involved in packaging, script development and film financing. They will use their influence within the industry to help projects get financed and made. Often agents will assist in coming up with the initial ideas - say, for a new television series - and will sell the project directly to the channel controllers or commissioning editors.

This business is built around a very large and still growing industry o entertainment. Breaking it in half and making a run for their money might be easy or hard. It is all up to your dedication and hard work. Research and learn, establish contacts and relationships around the industry and you might be the next super agent.
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