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Create Value Where There Is Demand & The Money Will Come

Apr 21, 2008
One of the great keys to success for selling online is to create high quality content that your viewers will be interested in. People are not looking for a sales pitch, they want relevant content. Say you are into Concrete, Yes Cement! You've done all the research described in the previous section and found the most profitable keywords. Next you go out and purchase a domain name, lets say concrete-advise.com, then you go ahead and start writing about concrete. If you know enough about it and all the benefits it can bring, you will be able to write highly interesting content that will keep your visitor reading. By the time they come across an affiliate link you have already PREsold your product, this key to increasing your clickthrough and your conversion rates.

What I have just told you will multiply the amount of sales you generate many times over! The main advantage of talking about something that interests you is that you are way ahead of all those people just trying to make money from your niche by writing about something they know little about. Readers can often tell the difference and will be drawn to true enthusiasm! You are already an expert and people are looking for what you know! Just taking the idea of "concrete" alone, lets look at how you could expand on that one subject - concrete painting - decorative concrete - concrete in the garden - repairing concrete - things to do with cement blocks - concrete trade shows - concrete swimming pools - concrete molds - cleaning concrete.

Here's what I'm getting at... by placing excellent affiliate links into your highly profitable, keyword rich content, you have the magic formula you need to developing multiple streams of income from just one site or page. All by talking about something you enjoy!

Finally here are three things you should think about when creating your content.

1) HOW are you reaching your visitor?

a) Free-For-All Sites (FFAs) are a great example of how not to reach people. For the most part, FFAs have become so seamy and useless that no matter what you say, you're doomed from the start.

b)Compare this with how smart and open-minded your visitor feels when she finds you via a Search Engine!

c)If you are paying a search engine for sponsored links e.g. Google Adwords or Yahoo Overture, You will have more success when you create keyword rich titles for your articles that match the most commonly searched keyphrases for your topic. Do not include characters such as quotes or asterisks that the search engines have to sort through before finding the relevant keywords.

d) Banners, are the best example of how not to refer your visitor to your site or merchant. In plain and simple language, people feel "pitched" when they click on a banner. And people who feel "pitched" are difficult to convert into a sale.

2)WHAT are you saying to Your Visitor?

a) Don't write your site, blog or article purely devoted to "hard-selling". Imagine a visitor who hits your site and reads an immediate sales pitch. You may be confident that the products you are selling or referring your reader to are perfect for them but the problem is that your visitor does not know you and may resist any sale until you have gained their trust.

3)HOW are you referring your visitor to your merchant / product? Yes, I know "they're so-o-o-o-o easy." It's always easy to not make money. That's how all those get-rich-quick-guys do so well... the allure of easy money. No such thing. I must repeat... don't use banners.

a) For ways not to refer your customer, a close 2nd to banner adds is "Selling" instead of "PREselling".Remember your success will always depend on "what" you do and "how" you do it. In life, the vast majority of people just keep doing the "same old thing." Life seems easier that way. But "doing the same old thing" guarantees the "same old results." So in the long run, it's actually much, much harder. Get inside your visitors head, give them what they are looking for, gain their confidence and trust in you.
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