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Drink Up with Half-Yard Ale Glasses at Your Own Bar

Apr 21, 2008
Sometimes people want to go where everybody knows their name. And they're always glad they came, so why not make sure they're drinking right with special touches like half-yard ale glasses? Instead of simply offering customers what they already expect, doing above and beyond the normal bar gear is going to get you noticed with the younger crowd as well as the seasoned drinker. Here are some easy ways that your bar can make an impression with all of the drunks. And designated drivers, of course.

Sturdy Glasses are a Must

If you've ever been to a wild and rowdy party, you know that things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Instead of worrying about every glass that's on the tables, you might want to invest in a half-yard ale glass set that comes with its own holder for extra assurance. Plus, it looks really cool on the tables. You might also want to choose weightier glasses for 'on the rocks' drinks so that it's harder for them to break, should they fall out of anyone's hands. Some people like to use plastic cups to help ensure that their glasses stay in tact, but these look cheap and really aren't creating a cool mood. You're not opening up a frat party, after all.

Nibblers are Always Appreciated

The good news about drunk people is that they're pretty happy with anything you put in front of them. Pretzels, party mixes, and peanuts are great things to have on the bar as well as on the regular tables as freebies -- and they don't cost you a lot of money either. If they're really salty, they're also going to make people feel thirstier, and that's going to lead to a higher tab. You might also want to pop small bowls of popcorn or serve salsa and chips to help keep the party going.

Make the Music Loud

At your bar, you will want to turn up the volume on your sound system or your televisions to make sure that people don't feel like they're talking too loudly as they drink. Self consciousness and drunk don't normally go well together, but just to be safe, turn up some faster paced music and make sure the game is loud enough for everyone to hear. A quiet bar is an empty bar.

Whether you choose to serve everything in half-yard ale glass sets or not, know that turning your bar into a success is actually an easy thing to do -- once you understand what your customers want: booze, food, and fun.
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