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Apr 21, 2008
Have you ever wondered about online surveys? You've probably seen a special on the topic on TV or just happen to bump into one while surfing the net. These surveys look pretty exciting, and of course, it's mainly because of the money one can make by simply answering questions online! Is it all just hype? Could they be for real? Let's find out.

Of course, the first thing that we might want to ask is how online surveys work. You might already be familiar that companies will pay you for telling them how much time you spend shopping online or what your favorite brand of shampoo is. But could this be too good to be true? Well, in reality, these companies do exist and they do send out surveys so they could benefit from them. The catch is that you won't always make money out of them.

A company that's looking for consumer data will pay another company, which we can call the survey company. The survey company basically compiles the statistics. If you're lucky, you get a very tiny portion of the money earned by survey companies.

If you'd like to actually earn by answering online surveys, you'd need several hours of free time to do just that. You'd need to hunt for companies that do indeed pay money. There are companies that enter those who are taking the survey into a drawing after every survey is finished. This means there could be lower chances of someone earning even part time income from completing surveys online.

On the other hand, other companies supply points for all online surveys completed. You can save up these points to swap for merchandise. Usually, you may obtain 2 or 3 points for every survey. So you have an idea of what you might get out of these points, around 500 points may get you an inexpensive item such as a mouse pad. You can try and amp up your points by spending a bit more time filling out online surveys if you want a bigger compensation, for example, a stereo.

So are online surveys legit then? They have actually been around for a long time now. Marketing research firms used to do it the old fashioned way by paying consumers to join survey groups. It's just when the Internet was available, things could be done so much faster, and at a possibly lower cost.

Like with many other online strategies, people need to be more cautious. However, it shouldn't be too difficult to spot a legit online survey and a downright scam. A general rule to follow is, if you have a gut feeling that an online paid survey is too good to be true, it is probably best to avoid it.

Don't be tricked by fake testimonials, documented proof and guarantees. If the testimonials appear too perfect, you know real customers didn't write these. Be aware that almost anyone who puts up a website can make documents look "authentic" when they really aren't. And finally, so much emphasize on a guarantee could be a red flag, since there is no such thing as a "guarantee" when it comes to online surveys.

Now there are several ways to get the right paid online survey for you. Begin by earning money online completing simple paid surveys starting from the first day. You can actually complete a survey in less than 15 minutes! Make sure that the surveys you fill out are comfortable for you as a beginner. Search for access to quality online surveys and a large database of companies that pay for surveys. Make sure you get the best customer service and have your queries met with professionalism.

Now you have to remember that online surveys are not always about getting rich quick. Sometimes what you need to do is take small steps each day until you get better.
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