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A Review Of The YouTube Robot Income Opportunity

Apr 21, 2008
One of the biggest and fastest growing phenomenons in years has been YouTube. If you have never heard of YouTube, then you probably do not belong on the internet. Just in case, it is a huge website that allows anyone to upload and share videos. There are hundreds to thousands of new videos that are uploaded each day. It has become a billion dollar company, now owned by YouTube. Now there is a chance for you to cash in on what they are doing as well.

What They Are

YouTube Robot is a software that is made for people to easily download clips from YouTube onto mobile devices. With this easy to use software, you can get your favorite YouTube videos on your iPod, Phone or what ever else you may want. They have produced a very useful product and with that product come a very fair low price of $34.95. Keep that in mind, because that is important to remember. This is important, because just about anyone can afford this software.

What They Do

YouTube Robot is software, but they are giving you the chance to make money with it. They have developed an affiliate program that allows anyone to sign up and refer people to their product. It is just like you having your own product, except you didn't have to think of it. Every time you sell their product you get paid for it. This is a good situation for both parties. If you are an affiliate you get paid and if you are YouTube Robot you get paid. If you are the buyer, then you get a great product that helps you with your YouTube needs.

How You Make Money

Every time something big happens; MySpace, Facebook and now YouTube - other people are taking advantage of it and making money. There are people out there who have become millionaires just by using these big websites as tools for their own. Now, you can use YouTube Robot to cash in on what YouTube has done. You get a 40% commission for each YouTube Robot that you sell. Just about everyone uses YouTube, which means there are a lot of prospects out there to make money from.

What We've Heard

This is just like having your own product. You can sell it however you would like, and you get paid to do it. You sign up and get your affiliate ID along with some cool tools to help you out. It helps to have some resources, but you just have to figure out how to reach customers. There has been a lot of good talk about the software. It works well and people love it. The affiliate program has been good for affiliates as well. Most affiliates will not tell their success stories about specific companies because they don't want it to get flooded.

Overall, this could be a great opportunity. YouTube robot is a good way to make some money, but it would take a website and some serious marketing to make a lot. Make sure you know how to reach customers before you get too excited. Remember that it doesn't happen overnight.
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