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Executive Coaching For The Corporate World

Apr 21, 2008
Professional coaches have a very interesting and recently developed career path. They train executives and other people to perform to the best of their abilities, so that they can more effectively pursue goals for themselves and their companies. Most large corporations now use executive coaching, as do a growing number of medium-sized and small businesses.

Executive coaching is a billion dollar a year industry. That amounts to over 40,000 people working as executive coaches, but there is still a high demand for more. Several companies tend to train their own people to be coaches to keep them in-house and insure that they are always available. Training of this type keeps all focus on the industry that they are in.

Executive coaching used to be reserved for those who weren't performing on the job up to expectations in an effort to increase their productivity and value as well as to retain them. Nowadays this coaching is more often utilized early on in the career in order to establish effective management at both management and executive levels of organizations. It is much easier to teach from the start what expectations are, then to try and undo bad habits that have been too long established.

Since there are so many coaches hailing from a smorgasbord of different backgrounds that are available for hire, choosing a good one can be difficult. It is hard to make sense of the confusing mess of various qualifications, certifications, and titles that coaches can claim. It may be confusing trying to select a type of training. After that, it may be even more confusing trying to select an appropriate coach for that type of training based upon their qualifications.

When you look on the internet, you will find that some companies claim that they can train people to become professional coaches in as little as three or four days. Upon payment of their fee, they might then automatically confer some sort of diploma or other dubious title or certification. Although you might prefer something requiring little time or effort on your part, the reputable programs are likely to require time closer to a year, require actual work experience in coaching, or require academic work for associates, bachelors or masters degrees.

You should be able to find good executive coaching by soliciting recommendations and carefully checking resumes and references. However, finding a strong coach who works in your particular industry is more difficult, and it may be worthwhile to train your own employees in executive coaching instead of looking for outside coaching assistance. A coach who has been an insider knows you industry and company well, along with his other skills.

Other companies have chosen to train coaches which do coaching in-house as well as contracting themselves out to other firms. Larger companies may opt to set up programs which teach coaching and offer these personnel to the marketplace, since this option offers experienced personnel with a defined educational background.

For executive couching development, there are many delivery options. Internet programs can be convenient, but still need to be well developed, reputable, and thorough. Free standing proprietary business schools are another option but may or may not be adequate for one's needs. Programs at accredited community colleges or universities can probably provide the most reliability.

Today, industry spends over a billion dollars on executive coaching. There are more than forty thousand professional coaches employed in the field, and demand always outstrips the supply of available personnel. Most companies try to train their coaches internally to make sure of having people available, as well as to better manage the specific types of training that they need for their business. It is possible for companies to employ coaches from firms which specialize in that field, but this can be problematic. The vast range of certifications that exist in the marketplace can make it hard for these firms to properly narrow their focus.
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