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Promote Your Freelance Writing Business And Get Clients In Five Simple Steps

Apr 21, 2008
Writers write. In these tough times however, that's not enough. You've got to get regular clients for your freelance writing business, or you'll starve.

If your writing's just a hobby you can take a casual approach to getting writing jobs, but if your writing's a business, you need a strategy to get a constant flow of clients.

So here's a strategy, in five simple steps. All of the steps are important. Just follow them to the best of your ability at the moment, and you'll be amazed at their effects.

1. Decide who your target audience is

Your "target audience" is simply the people who can buy your writing. For example, if you want to write for magazines, that's a target audience, but it's too broad. Narrow your audience as much as possible - to "parenting magazines", for example.

If you want to write for the Web, you'd narrow your target audience to: "gaming sites" or to "businesses in my home town which don't have a Web site."

Although you can have several target audiences, just focus on one at a time.

2. Create a marketing plan to market to that audience

Your next step is to create a marketing plan. This is simply a written document which outlines the strategic actions you'll need to take to achieve your goal.

Your marketing plan should include not just your actions, but also the capital you'll need to invest over a year, and the profits you're likely to make.

3. Get a Web site - it's the easiest way to get writing jobs

These days, your Web site is the focus of your marketing plan. A Web site's an amazing tool for your writing career, and unless you're as old as I am, you won't appreciate just how amazing it is.

In the late 1970s, when I started writing, I typed out manuscripts first on an Olympia portable typewriter, and then as I began to make sales, on an IBM Selectric golfball typewriter... I sent out manuscripts by the armload, spending much more on postage than I could afford.

If you don't have a site, get one. If you do have a site, pay attention to it, and learn how to optimize it - your site is your 24x7x365 sales person for your writing.

4. Develop a specialty

Specialize in something. Everyone wants a specialist. My specialty is computers and technology; several clients have been with me for 15 years.

You can specialize in any area which appeals to you, but develop a specialty of some kind.

5. Be patient - all your marketing takes time to work

You need to think long term for your writing business. Where do you want your writing to be in three or five years? Every word you write today gets you closer to success, so never begrudge your words.

If you're a completely new writer, the above five steps may not make much sense to you right now. Just complete as many as you can. All the writing you do is experiential: you learn by doing. So as you write, the reasons you'll following the five steps will become clear to you.

If you're an established writer, use the five steps to achieve success - follow them, and your writing business will thrive beyond your dreams.
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