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Pop-Up Currency Converters Bite The Dust

Aug 17, 2007
As global online business continues to increase, expand and refine, the traditional and conventional methods of 'doing business online' are starting to fall by the way-side. Here is one more example. Pop-up and traditional currency converters are now something of the past... FOR GOOD!

Pop-up currency converters, typically requiring 5-6 clicks to reveal the price for just one web site product, have annoyed, distracted and frustrated customers to such an extent that businesses around the world are seeking an alternative.

Today, these cries for help have finally been answered by multi-currency display systems.

Multi currency display systems allow web sites to show ALL of their web site product prices in the web site visitor's currency.

This allows visitors to instantly see product prices in a way that is meaningful to them - in their currency language. It's instantaneous, easy to use and meets visitors' needs at the exact time they need it.

Taking just minutes to install with only one line of code needed, businesses around the world are discovering the many benefits of multi-currency display systems, benefits that will continue to multiply for many years to come.

Why all the fuss?

As you know, what worked in the 90s doesn't cut it for web site visitors today. Visitors are now more demanding than ever.

Pop-up currency converters were used in the past not because they were proven to be effective, but simply because there was no other alternative.

They were a first-stab attempt at making global business somehow 'work' at a time when everything was new and uncharted in online business.

With any new industry, as time moves on, significant advances are achieved that make the old obsolete versions seem quaint.

Though ask yourself this... Rather than attracting sales, are those quaint pop-up converters causing lost sales?

Requiring visitors to perform 5 to 6 steps every time they want to know the price of just one product is a lot to ask of them.

How much of their spare time do you think they will waste calculating prices on a web site before thinking... "forget it, it's all too hard, this web site doesn't value my business, I'll go to that next site that's listed in Google instead"

Oops, there goes another lost sale... all because of the pop-up!

Imagine what a difference those extra sales would make to your bottom line?

Now, the multi-currency display systems are empowering businesses around the world with the competitive edge they need to win back international business.

No longer are the old foreign currency exchange and conversion tools ruling the markets. The tables are turned and the tides are changing forever. Pop-up currency converters are biting the dust daily. They are no longer the online tool of choice. They continue to give up ground, even being replaced by multi-currency display systems as we speak, on myriads of existing and new websites around the globe.

Today, the timely, efficient and automatic benefits of multi-currency display systems are opening a wide world of opportunity, promise and potential for the globalized economy.
About the Author
Sharon Wild is a Director of e-JAZ, the creators of the Dynamic Converter Multi-Currency Display service. Get your free Multi-Currency Display account at http://DynamicConverter.com
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