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Marketing Offline vs Online for your MLM Business

Apr 21, 2008
When you start an MLM Business, it is a time of great excitement. Thoughts of increased income flood your mind. When you come back down to earth you are faced with the difficulty of marketing your business in a very competitive marketplace.

Bringing your MLM Business to the attraction of potential prospects can be a daunting task. Using the Internet you must concern yourself with SEO Optimization, lead capture pages and autoresponders with prewritten sales messages

Most MLmers tend to concentrate their efforts online. They overlook the use of Offline marketing mediums. Today's MLM Business owner loses many opportunities to present their opportunity to qualified prospects by only using only the Internet.

Living in a society that expects instant gratification can be a problem when building an MLM Business. This type of attitude goes well with using the Internet to market your MLM Business since you can instanrly get an ad posted on the Internet.

Who wants to wait for slow snail mail to reach it's destination. Besides, using email is much cheaper isn't it? These are among the items to consider before starting any online or offline marketing campaign.

Just like you, I have resquested information online to be delivered to my email box. Often I only get about 50% of what I requested. Email deliverability rates are falling like a rock! This type of deliverablity rate is unheard of in snail mail. You spend so much money to aquire a prospect, yet chances are you lose them at the very outset of an email campaign.

With the use of snail mail or more specifically postcards, you can be assured of reaching st least 90% of your prospects. Most of these people will read the postcard. You can't say the same thing about an email campaign. If you are lucky enough to get your email thru the spam filters, chances are it won't be read because of the keen competition online. Since most MLM Business's market online only, there is very little competition for your postcard in a prospects mailbox.

Few MLM distributors are using more than one way to advertise. Rise above your competition, and use both Offline and Online Marketing to build your MLM business.
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