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Online Business Opportunities: Scam or No Scam?

Apr 21, 2008
Have you ever noticed how the word "scam" is used so frequently in relationship to online businesses. Just go to one of the forums where online business are being discussed and someone or someones will be throwing around the "S" word. Or, look at some of the online reviews and see how many blanket all the businesses that operate online with the word "Scam". Is this fair? Are these reviews truly unbiased? You need to know.

What is a scam? Webster's Dictionary says, "a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation." Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary describes it as "An illegal plan to make money." Wikipedia says it is a "Confidence trick", but that it may also refer to, "Seduction, the process of deliberately enticing a person into an act." According to the online Dictionary, a scam is, "A confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, esp. for making a quick profit; swindle."

Do any of these programs meet these descriptions for scam. No. There is no illegal plan to make money. There is no confidence game whose end is to swindle people from their money. I have never encountered any seductive activity. Does that mean it has never gone on? No. But it is not the common practice of these companies. All of these programs have real products that are sold. Are they worth what they sell for? You have to answer that. I don't believe many cars are worth their selling price, but evidently some do. I have problems with the outrageous food prices at some restaurants, but many people eat there. The marketplace sets the price. If people will pay the price, then it must have valve to them. Who am I to say it is a scam just because I do not see the value it.

Do these companies deliver on what they promise. Will you make the money they claim? Some do. I am a member of Carbon Copy Pro. Did I make that money with their system. No. Not yet anyway. But that was more my problem than theirs. I am a member of Never Ending Success. Did I get the software? Yes. Did I get the website. Yes. Did I make the money? I am in profit mode now and doing well. Will everyone? Probably not. But it certainly does not make the company a scam if I fail. I know several people who are members of EDC Gold. Some have made money; some did not. But, they received what they were promised. Not a scam. How about GRN, Cruise to Cash, Little Guy network? Each company delivers on its products and services. The opportunity is there.

Some would argue that if you don't get in at the beginning with these companies you can't make money. Does that make a business fraudulent? Well, I know people who went to work for Home Depot when it opened and today they are multi-millionaires. They received stock options that made them rich with the growth of the company. If you went to work for Home Depot today would you have that same opportunity. Absolutely not.

And how about market saturation. Can the market become saturated? Yes. An area can be saturated with Chick-fil-a as well and become unprofitable.

These business are not scams. They may not be good investments for some. But they are for others. They deliver on the products but can not make people succeed who do not have the skill sets to succeed.

Can you achieve the success these business describe. Some do. Some don't. Again, I haven't. But I am working on my skills. I believe I can and I will continue till I do.
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Jimmy Barry lives near Atlanta Ga. and works for a non profit business that provides humanitarian needs in Africa. He has been marketing online since August 07. You can see his blog site http://www.georgiamarketers.com
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