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My Internet Business And Getting It Running

Apr 22, 2008
NASA and jet liners use a pre-flight check list to make sure that everything is ready to go before a jet liner (or the Space Shuttle) is ready for launch. When starting up my internet business, that same "dot the "i"s, cross the "t"s mentality is also important. You don't need to look like an extra from the Apollo 13 movie to make this work, but that sense of organized planning is going to serve you well.

The overall structure of my internet business check list is the business plan. It should cover the steps you want your business to grow through, factoring in cash reserves, cash outlay, marketing budget and operating capital. Fortunately, internet businesses are low overhead operations.

I designed my own web site, rather than hiring someone to do it for me. Now, I'd taken a college extension course, and I read a few books about Meta tags but when I look at my old site, I sigh. It was overly elaborate, it barely used CSS style sheets, and it was more work than was feasible to maintain. This time around, I hired a pro - and they installed a lot of server side tools, like WordPress, to let me focus on running my internet business, not maintaining my web site.

About the only thing I did right last time was learn the ins and outs of using Register.com for setting up my domain names. My designer helped me find a hosting provider who could install the software I wanted to make this all work, which helped a lot.

As part and parcel of the domain name parking part of your business plan, you should look into hosting providers. The first rule in hosting is that you get what you pay for. Take it from us - it's better to deal with a reseller who will answer the phone at 3 AM than it is to have your technical requests routed through Mumbai where an Indian cubical worker reads off of a script. Look into your bandwidth usage, and read the fine print carefully before setting up the contract.

If you want to target everyone from high speed internet to dial up and GPRS modem users then keep it simple and to the point. More is not always better, especially if no one stays around to see it.

So, the next step, after the site is up, is bringing in visitors. This is the marketing part of the business plan, and near the end of the pre flight check list. In most cases, this means getting your shop into the top twenty results for a search engine keyword hit. There are countless articles on how to do this, but the realistic way to do it is Google Ad Words.

Related to Ad Words and related ad proxy systems is getting social networking sites to drive traffic to yours. Focus on getting people who have credibility in their online community referring to your products and web site, and you'll build a nice stream of ready traffic to your site - and eventually, to your affiliate sales or your products.
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